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Latest news article regarding Embryos Release (court responds)

latest news article requesting embryos release (Mumbai Court Responds) ISAPL team has been closely following with government departments requesting release of embryos. Once release officially granted then team can assist with the courier.

Bombay high court has asked the central government to clear its stand on whether an American couple can take back their embryo – unborn child/baby – kept in a laboratory to their home country after the Union government banned commercial surrogacy in India last month. (more…)

Latest Surrogacy News, Cambodia

With tougher laws in India, doctors and couples are increasingly moving to the east Asian nation.

Bhoomi Shah says she lives the good life in Ahmedabad. She has a well-paying job, has a car that she likes to drive around and lives in a bungalow with her parents, who have always supported her decisions and life choices. So last week, she packed her bags and made a quick three-day trip to Cambodia — not drawn to the east Aisa nation by the iconic Angkor Wat, but to rent a womb. (more…)

Pending Frozen Embryos (Release Efforts)

In my opinion, the embryos should be either returned or allowed to be used by Intended parents.

Here is an article appearing in today’s daily. I have shared my opinion.

Human embryos of couples from across the world, frozen in liquid nitrogen at countless infertility clinics across India, now float in a sea of uncertainty with surrogacy laws in India set to become tougher, but no explanation on offer as to why these embryos can’t be returned to their genetic owners. (more…)

LH flight ISAPL nurse escort to Toronto Canada

This medical escort by a flight nurse is another example of the type of complicated transfer ISAPL safely arranges on regular basis.

Dear Officer,

I would like to express my gratitude for providing assistance (via information and support to ISAPL) in bringing Mrs. Kamaladevi (Canadian Senior Citizen required medical evacuation from Chennai to Toronto.) (more…)