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House panel favours commercial surrogacy, overturns key provisions …

In a major setback to the government today, the parliamentary panel reviewing the surrogacy Bill asked the government to permit commercial surrogacy and allow the service not just for married Indian couples but also live-in partners, single/ divorced women, widows and NRIs and OCIs. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health has virtually overturned every major provision of the Surrogacy Regulation Bill 2016, questioning the government rationale in saying that only a close relative of the intending couples can serve as a surrogate mother. The panel has said both related and unrelated women should be allowed to become surrogates.

The Wire Surrogacy Bill Should Be Broadened, Include Compensation, Says Parliamentary Panel.The Wire Calling the draft surrogacy Bill ‘narrow’, the parliamentary committee has recommended allowing live-in couples, divorced women and widows to use surrogates, adding that a surrogate should not have to belong to the parent’s family.

Parliamentary Panel to place report on Surrogacy bill TOMORROW…

A parliamentary standing committee on Health will present its report on the surrogacy bill tomorrow. The bill was introduced in November last year in the Lok Sabha. In January, the Rajya Sabha Chairman referred the legislation, as introduced in the Lok Sabha, to the Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare for examination and a report on it. “The panel will present its report in Parliament tomorrow,” said a member of the panel.

The legislation proposes to regulate surrogacy in India, prohibit commercial surrogacy and allow ethical surrogacy to needy infertile Indian couples. According to the bill, surrogacy is a practise where a woman gives birth to a child for an intending couple and agrees to hand over the child to them after birth.

Under this bill, homosexuals, single parents, and live in couples are also not entitled for surrogacy. Also couples who already have children will not be allowed to go for surrogacy, though they would be free to adopt a child under a separate law.

The bill allows surrogacy only for legally married couples after five years of marriage and with a doctors certificate stating that they are medically unfit to reproduce. Women within the age group of 23 to 50 years and men between 26 to 55 years will be eligible to opt for surrogacy.

To check commercial exploitation and middlemen, the surrogate mother can only be a close relative, like a sister or sister-in-law who is married and has at least one healthy biological child. A woman can be a surrogate only once in her lifetime.


Recently ISAPL got opportunity to assist and transfer via Air Ambulance Tibetan Guru (MONK) suffering from Liver cancer, very complicate case. Transferred him from Tibetan Institute in Himachal Pradesh to South of India.    Such a Blessing to serve Monks who are serving the Humanity. The Tibetan word for monk is “trapa,” which means “student” or “scholar.Untitled