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Fastest Service ever; completed with Blessings!

Most important element of our services are Empathy and Experience. A Foreign national died at India on Sunday morning. Family is under emotional trauma. They engage our services and request for speedy formalities and procedures etc. They want transfer of Human Remains from India to Singapore. Considering the Hospital, Govt, Police, AIIMS, High Commission, Air India, Cargo; Our promise is of 72 hours.

(For reference purposes: an Indian techie (working for the premium most IT company) died at Finland on 28-Dec. The Human Remains arrived at Delhi on 19-Jan)

But, ISAPL (An Air Ambulance company) is about ‘Humane to Those in Distress !

The Director-Operations Ms. Poonam Jain on her toes. Experience, connections and relations of 25 years come handy. The team expedites all the formalities, approvals, processes right over the Sunday and early Monday. ISAPL dispatches the Remains in flat 35 hrs.  The FASTEST ever by our team. Because, we understand and empathize with the grieving family.

Thank you very much as well miss poonam. You have been a great blessing“- the Family

Casket wrapping

A Midnight Mission to save a Neo-Natal

When our heart starts praying and our Medical team at its best and our staff is on the toes.
Humane to Those in Distress !

We together saved the naive life of an infant tourist. Mission started at 7:00pm to transfer from Goa to Mumbai. A bed-to-Bed transfer. Special Medical team formed with neo-natal Pediatrician and a backup doctor.  2 Sets of equipment for a fail-safe mission. Our Director-Operations Ms. Poonam knows it all. Her team was just there for next 6 hours.
It had many jittery movements of transfer thru Road ambulances, Air Ambulance.  Air Ambulance landing permissions. A Remarkable coordination among 3 countries, 2 time zones, 9 agencies and some 20 odd individuals.

Yes, it was critical. Our back-up team and equipment were helpful.
Baby stabilized in Mumbai hospital for the next 12 days. Now safe at home his home country.Baby web