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Ms. Poonam-ISAPL-Handling medical Emergencies, Globally

Ms. Poonam Jain of M/s International Star Assistance Pvt Ltd. (ISAPL) has won yet another international award.

Women in Business and Professions World Awards-2020


Category:                Health Care and Medical Hero of the Year

Rank:                      GOLD

Motto:                     Handling medical Emergencies, Globally


Handling Medical Emergencies, Globally:

Indian government announced a hard-lockdown, with just 4 hours notice. Flights, Hospitals, Embassies, transport, Offices came to grinding halt. People movement was prohibited, with penalty on opening ANY office. Both medical and logistics services were snapped leading to an utter confusion and distress all around.

International Star Assistance Pvt Ltd. (ISAPL) being a global company for Medical Emergency, were amidst many cases. The Director-Operations, Ms. Poonam Jain, decided to stand up and continue the services. As per Poonam ‘People need us more now’. Leading from the front, her Operations team was up and running overnight.


  1. Having worked globally; Poonam activated the ‘Work From Home’, as per the Business Continuity Plan.
  2. She activated the call diversions and hunting mode for 24×7 Alarm Centre.
  3. Established 100% normal communication channels (emails, phones, chats)
  4. The process books and data backups were leveraged for formats, tools, accounting etc.
  5. Learning from the lockdown and business criticality, Poonam relentlessly worked on refining the policy / procedures to conclude the Audits. Finally achieve the ISO 9001-2015 Certification for SEARCH & RESCUE, AIR EVACUATION, AIR AMBULANCE, MEDICAL ASSISTANCE & ESCORT, and TRANSPORTATION OF HUMAN REMAINS
  6. Poonam prepared for the eventuality of any existing staff getting infected of Covid-19. She hired professionals to expand Support team by another 60%

Medical Assistance

  • Poonam could envisage an immediate need for otherwise non-existent network and ecosystem for ‘Tele Medicine and counselling’.
  • Arranged Psychiatrist counselling sessions for foreign nationals stranded at India.
  • Poonam has established a team of Medics-paramedics for ‘home visit’, fully geared in PPE kits to provide Primary care for Covid-19 affected. An elaborate ‘Quarantine and monitoring’ was drawn in consultations with Doctors and learning from Medical agencies.
  • In miraculous feet, Poonam arranged Air transfer of Human remains from Covid locked Eastern Europe to Canada; while all along being at home (Delhi, India). It was a unique multi-mode, multicounty mission.
  • When everyone was losing peace, Poonam utilized the Covid-19 lockdown as an opportunity to seek overdue citizenship and immigration transfer of an Infant born in India 2 years back. US govt granted a ‘special case’ approval for Infant to reach home-US. Poonam went further ahead to arrange a seat in special flight of India-US for stranded. All this while coordinating with Washington.
  • Poonam leveraged her experience at US Embassy during Anthrax scare days to prepare SOPs for Embassies’ readiness for Covid handling
  • Poonam could fill the gap on Service provider for Air Charter; by leveraging network in Spain and Eastern Europe.
  • When clients / expats were concerned about availability of Super specialty Hospital for Covid-19 treatment, Poonam arranged assured & preferred services to them.
  • Quickly coached and guided the newly inducted staff, straight in a Work-from-Home mode, with devices, emails, phones working within 6 hours.
  • Received appreciation and publicity for conducting Covid awareness sessions among the Residential communities. Arranged groceries and medical help for the aged / isolated.

Team Learning:

  1. Ms. Poonam preferred to certify herself: International Red Cross’s course on “Restoring Family Links & Psychosocial Support in Emergency”
  2. Encouraged and coached Network Manager – Mr. Ankur Sharma certify himself: WHO’s “Health Emergency Program on Covid-19”
  3. Operations Manager – Mr. Deepak Rai learnt the nuances of Health and Travel Insurance
  4. Under Poonam’s mentoring, the complete Operations team was on feet 110% time. They felt more resourceful than before. The happiness and engagement was overwhelming. Poonam ensured a more than normal client communication. Team worked more cohesively and compassionate to those in need.
  5. Poonam’s empathetic approach is both consolation and reassuring to those in distress. She has happily handled the grief, anxiety and concerns of others. She brought few smiles back. During the severe Covid-19 outbreak, Poonam did lower her guards to take better care of fellow human beings.
  6. Under Poonam’s leadership, ISAPL stayed true to the company motto: Humane to Those in Distress!


  1. Poonam exhibited resilience & mellowness in such unpredicted circumstances. She heroically led from front to dispel panic and nervousness among client & society. Arranged Psychiatric video sessions for mental health of stranded & isolated expats.
  2. During hard lockdown of cities, offices, state borders, Airlines & transport Poonam arranged logistics, permissions, and devices for team to operate 24×7. They remained cheerful & healthy in ghost towns; when everyone else had dithered.
  3. Poonam pragmatically handled emergency of others, even during scary Covid-19 lockdowns; assuring and providing food, medicines and Medical help.

Ms. Poonam Jain of *International Star Overseas Services*-Startup of the year 2020

Ms. Poonam Jain of M/s International Star Overseas Services (ISOS) has won its international award.

Women in Business and Professions World Awards-2020


Category:                Startup of the Year | Consumer Services

Rank:                      Silver

Motto:                     Growing with the Families, exponentially.

Judges’ remarks:

  • In a word: Outstanding! Great example of community service project. Well done team!
  • Poonam is driving a large number of strategies for International Star Overseas Services from the front to encourage, ultimately benefit clients around the world.
  • A unique concept in an underplayed arena.
  • Something never heard of. Amazing & Astonishing.
  • To be able to work in a field with no formal education in that arena and to be successful in field needing empathy is a remarkable feet.

Helping new families, Globally !

Founded in 2017, International Star Overseas Services (ISOS) is a boutique consulting firm. We are a woman founded, funded, owned and operated company. We facilitate primarily the Women who have been thru difficult phase of reproduction challenges and decide to do adoption or surrogacy in a non-resident country; for various reasons of privacy, technology, culture, cost etc.

ISOS helps clients (Intending Parents – IPs) worldwide: Baby Adoption, Surrogacy and Embryology advice, New Born’s Citizenship, Immigration and Country Exit, Legal advice and Document Attestation, Representation at Embassies & State Departments.

As Founder-Director of ISOS, Ms. Poonam Jain is the go-to person for the IPs (Single, Hetro or Homo) desiring to have a baby either thru Adoption or Surrogacy; globally. She has been part of the Surrogacy and Adoption Policy & Cases of few Govt departments. Poonam has meritorious 22yrs experience of American Citizen Assistance Services at U.S. Embassy, New Delhi.

Poonam manages the ISOS Operations, Strategic Marketing and Thought Leadership from home-offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Melbourne, Kiev, and Toronto.  Her Compassionate nature is the key to services related to Clinic Selection, Frozen Embryo Transport, Agreements & Baby citizenship and Baby Passport. Poonam has helped some 500+ IPs from 34+ countries

Since each country has multiple departments and regulations around foreign nationals making (surrogacy) baby in their country. Poonam actively interacts with the various Government Departments and the relevant Ministries to understand the requirements and pursue the cases. She arranges necessary documents from the Clinic, expedited DNA Testing, Interpreting Government laws, comforting the family stay, coordination with Country of origin etc. She meticulously prepares each case file with reams of documents around legalities. She does all this, not being a lawyer by qualification. Consulates appreciate the meticulous job done and process the applications faster. Poonam expedites the Approvals, permissions, consents and arranges for IPs leaving country in 50% less time than planned. This saves IPs of:

  • huge money on expenditure staying put in surrogacy country,
  • cost of loosing earning being away from their home country,
  • Anxiety of taking the much awaited newborn baby to home country sooner

Poonam’s innovative business model is supported by the guiding principles:

–Empathy first; Happiness over processes

–Simplified documentation and interactions with IPs and govt agencies

–Create a culture of ‘family support’ to the IPs

–Build an industry network that can be leveraged to expedite the IPs journey.

At ISOS, Poonam’s mission is to help as many families to carry the legacy. Poonam is an ‘Invitee’ to many conferences, forums and meetings to streamline the Pre & Post ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Poonam is experienced in Baby (Child) Adoption, both at India and many other countries.

Since 2017 ban of Surrogacy at India, many IPs had their embryos frozen in various clinics. Their Surrogacy journey got halted indefinitely. In early 2019, Poonam could secure the First Ever path breaking permission from Indian Council of Medical Research to export the Frozen Embryos.  This opened gates for all the IPs to transfer their pre-processed Frozen Embryos from India into other countries.

  • 3x revenue growth YoY since founded. Business structure and revenue model that allows ISOS to grow while maintaining high-empathy Service.
  • Headquartered at India, serving nationals of 34+ countries, ISOS is truly GLOBAL company. Received 100s of gratitude and thanking notes from IPs.
  • 100% business is thru Word-of-Mouth marketing by the past customers
  • The services and help continued during Covid lockdown times:
    • Helped families continue / conclude their Surrogacy journey at Australia, Kenya & Ukraine. Created alternate paths / detour for their journey, travels, Legal formalities, Documentation, Medical Tests etc.
    • Successfully accomplished Adoption & Canadian Citizenship.
    • Expanded the network and markets by another 2 countries
  • Poonam continues to be distinctive and resourceful of its kind of Services in the world. Her clients get preferential treatment everywhere

Covid times Air-Transfer

An 87 years old Canadian lady lost her son, while together visiting India. Over with his cremation, she was devastated, deplorable and drained. Further isolated during Covid Lockdown. She was fragile and unable to return back to Canada due to limited flights.

The pain gets compounded when she got admitted to Hospital for Parkinson, AKI, and Hypercalcaemia etc. She required Intensive Care (ICU) for many days. The family at Canada was concerned. They wanted her to be shifted to Canada for better care.

ISAPL received the request. Considering her medical situation, Covid scare, lockdown regulations and limited flights; ISAPL team huddled under the leadership of Director-Operations Ms. Poonam.

ISAPL medical team evaluated the condition, in consultation to Treating doctors. A 5-days monitoring and stabilizing process started. Meantime, Logistics team started working on Air transfer arrangements. Options were Air Charter ambulance & Stretcher on commercial airlines. The team went ahead getting permissions and clearances from Canadian High Commission, Ottawa HQ and Toronto authorities for this special transfer during Covid.

The medication, equipments and Medic team was formed for a 9 hrs drive from hospital to International Airport. And the 14 hrs non-stop flight from Delhi to Toronto.

The Medical team closely monitored the patient condition and revised medications for Parkinson & AKI. Conducted Covid tests. Simultaneously, Ms. Poonam and family built her emotional confidence. Results were encouraging. Her medical condition improved. It was decided to move her in Business Class; with Oxygen, Catheter etc. This was a big cost and time saver for the family.

ISAPL had to work thru various offices and channels to get special permission for Emergency visa (without Biometrics) for the Dr. Considering travel embargo and stringent Quarantine rules both at India & Toronto; there were enough blockades that Ms. Poonam sorted thru special exemptions and permissions.

The ISAPL kept family well assured while handling the challenges both at Delhi Departure and Toronto arrival.

ISAPL adds another success story !