Angel’s Empathy !

Angel’s Empathy !

PB-1 PB-2“We cannot begin to put into words how much it meant to us to have you present during this critical moment in our lives. We are undoubtedly very grateful for your……..” – Daughter

ISAPL 24×7 command center received a Distress call from a daughter. Her ailing father in mainland hospital at southern India. Concerned and despaired; she described that her mother is inconsolable. Both were nursing the man for the past 3 months. They must go back to their home town in an island 1,400 km away.

It is Covid times, the entire India is under strict lockdown. Facilities, transport, Services are not accessible. The skies are closed. Airports shut, roads barren, … fear of Corona infection.  Hospital resources are struggling hard with the Corona suspects. Police is in full gear. Social Distancing, Hygiene…service providers indoor.

ISAPL’s Director Mr. Sanjay could sense the Grievous daughter and mother. The ladies were hapless, desperately in the need of support.

Sanjay got into action. Seeking Govt permissions, approvals, consents across 3 states. Arranging Aircraft. Govt permissions were just not coming. The 2 states had their own peculiar standing. In absence of policies; Airport Authorities, Medical departments, Ministry of Aviation, Ministry of Home, Pilot, family, State Administration, Police….. You name it; and we had a disastrous mix.  Frantic calls, emails, visits to multitude of officers and contacts; both in Administration and Politics. The zig-zag, yes-no, you-they went on for good 28 hours.

Family would give-up on hope, every other hour. But, this is the time ISAPL has to stand up for “Humane to Those in Distress”.  Sanjay would assure the daughter ‘You trusted me, I shall not disappoint you’.

And we could get half-permission. Yes HALF. The father can be transferred thru Charter ambulance. But not the wife-daughter. Fear of live persons being probable carrier of Covid. Their home town administration refuses to accept them in.

Daunting task to explain to otherwise very humane officers that the wife-daughter has been nursing the father. Another round of chasing all the above authorities. ISAPL decided to work with the hope of 30% and sent the Father and duo to the departing airport. 3.5 hours of waiting there, and we get the permission for Duo to accompany them together; without getting quarantined at their home town. Finally, we flew after the Flying hours, with extraordinary permissions at destination island to hop.

All along, ISAPL knew the Empathy shall prevail. Kudos to that composed daughter who could sail thru so much of turmoil.
And THANKS to and angel Government’s Senior Officer at Delhi who said ‘Sanjay ji, please proceed. I am instructing both the states and all officers to accept the request right now. Let me know, if anyone challenges you.’



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