Angel’s Empathy !

PB-1 PB-2“We cannot begin to put into words how much it meant to us to have you present during this critical moment in our lives. We are undoubtedly very grateful for your……..” – Daughter

ISAPL 24×7 command center received a Distress call from a daughter. Her ailing father in mainland hospital at southern India. Concerned and despaired; she described that her mother is inconsolable. Both were nursing the man for the past 3 months. They must go back to their home town in an island 1,400 km away.

It is Covid times, the entire India is under strict lockdown. Facilities, transport, Services are not accessible. The skies are closed. Airports shut, roads barren, … fear of Corona infection.  Hospital resources are struggling hard with the Corona suspects. Police is in full gear. Social Distancing, Hygiene…service providers indoor.

ISAPL’s Director Mr. Sanjay could sense the Grievous daughter and mother. The ladies were hapless, desperately in the need of support.

Sanjay got into action. Seeking Govt permissions, approvals, consents across 3 states. Arranging Aircraft. Govt permissions were just not coming. The 2 states had their own peculiar standing. In absence of policies; Airport Authorities, Medical departments, Ministry of Aviation, Ministry of Home, Pilot, family, State Administration, Police….. You name it; and we had a disastrous mix.  Frantic calls, emails, visits to multitude of officers and contacts; both in Administration and Politics. The zig-zag, yes-no, you-they went on for good 28 hours.

Family would give-up on hope, every other hour. But, this is the time ISAPL has to stand up for “Humane to Those in Distress”.  Sanjay would assure the daughter ‘You trusted me, I shall not disappoint you’.

And we could get half-permission. Yes HALF. The father can be transferred thru Charter ambulance. But not the wife-daughter. Fear of live persons being probable carrier of Covid. Their home town administration refuses to accept them in.

Daunting task to explain to otherwise very humane officers that the wife-daughter has been nursing the father. Another round of chasing all the above authorities. ISAPL decided to work with the hope of 30% and sent the Father and duo to the departing airport. 3.5 hours of waiting there, and we get the permission for Duo to accompany them together; without getting quarantined at their home town. Finally, we flew after the Flying hours, with extraordinary permissions at destination island to hop.

All along, ISAPL knew the Empathy shall prevail. Kudos to that composed daughter who could sail thru so much of turmoil.
And THANKS to and angel Government’s Senior Officer at Delhi who said ‘Sanjay ji, please proceed. I am instructing both the states and all officers to accept the request right now. Let me know, if anyone challenges you.’



Serving during the Global Crisis

Armenia Casket Poonam Red Cross Certificate_page-0001 Sanjay Jain WHO COVID-19 Cert_page-0001 (1)“Madam, Body has finally reached n received by family. My family joins me in thanking you for your all efforts n endeavours, to ensure the repatriation of my brother in law. It was a herculean task, in current on-going COVID situation & we are in quandary. You took stock of situation & handled it very diligently. Thanks again🙏 God Bless You🙏🙏”

Above are the words from a Canadian  family (of Indian origin), who’s member demised at Armenia. Covid made the matter complex for family. They struggled for many days, before reaching out to ISAPL. The Civic Agencies, Airports, Transport, Hospitals, Airlines were not at their best. ISAPL’s Director-Operations, Ms. Poonam has vast experience of 30+ years in Immigration and Emergency handling in extreme situations of Earthquake, Tsunami, Air Crash, Road Crash etc. But, this Covid Lockdowns are a new challenges.

There are revised and multiple guidelines from all agencies to handle the Death Remains during Covid times. Top it with 4 countries transfers involved: Armenia, Russia, USA and Canada.
Poonam’s experience in Disaster Management and alignment to Red Cross Foundation for Psychosocial Support in Emergencies.
Poonam’s partner Mr. Sanjay’s experience in International Business & WHO’s certification on health emergencies during Covid-19 were beneficial in these times.
A 10 days mission. Medical clearances, Police approvals, Immigration permission, packing and health certificates, Road transfers, Air transfers, Coordination among India, Armenia & Canada. Loads of documents and approvals and compliance. Meticulous coordination and Minute tracking by the Operations Manager Mr. Ankur and Empathy filled updates to the family.

We do what we are meant for “Humane to Those in Distress !”

Grit of a Grandma

An amazing saga !!

“My heart and soul says Poonam you are the only one who can help Gudiya to go home.  Always and forever grateful to you.” – a Grandma
“Hello Poonam, You are my hero. I just think about all the time. Thanks from heart every second for helping Gudiya to come home. Shall I call you now. With love.” – a Grandma

A baby girl born thru surrogacy at India, for Indian origin (US settled) Parents & Grandparents. Surrogate baby’s birth is registered on natural father & mother. Due to family discords, mother refuses to sign the baby’s passport application form. She laments grand parents for overruling her dissent to surrogacy. The agent had promised lots of workaround and bit of fleecing. The natural parents remain oblivious of the baby. No way out, the Grandmother shifts from US to India. Babysits for more than 1 year, in despair but hope.  Grandparents are clueless of the maze, but compassionate.
Grandparents engages Poonam. Loooooooonnnnng & many sob stories and family discords. The visible strong face is of Grandmother. She is raising the baby in an indifferent environment, all by herself.  The Grandma cries, wipes and stands up. Always strong and hopeful, polite & grateful, humble and smiling. Someone, who has been an active Stage artist; and here in dismay for so many months together. Her every visit to our office made us cry too.

Poonam is firing salvos from her 30 years experience on Citizenship / Family matters.  Baby is growing almost 15 months. Each legal process is falling apart. Family mediation failing. Diminishing options.

And we enter the Covid-19 era. Flights freeze, embassies scuttle to handle emergencies. Departments close. Lockdown at India. No hope for next 3-4 months to even resubmit the application or affidavits or…… Remaining strong, the Grandma. With the baby in lap, she is hopeful and positive.

Poonam has not given up yet. Her brain is spinning. Just 2 more emails. Lo and behold; baby gets approval for US passport. Excitement, but no means to travel back to US. No one has handled Covid like situation before, but professional like Poonam knows what-when-where-how.

During this COVID lockdown, baby and Grandma arrive at LA.

Ofcourse the compassion and professionalism of Poonam did the magic.

But, the backbone of this case was GRIT of the Grandma. We SALUTE her !!
(May good sense prevail on the Natural parents)

Gudiya 1 Gudiya US passport

Honeymoon Curtailed !

KSM 3 KSM 1 KSM 2Indian newly married couple. On their Honeymoon trip at an Island in Ko Samui, Thailand.

The adventurous hubby drives around the wife on a Motorbike. All goes well, till he bangs it into a wall. Collar bones and knees fractured for self. Rib cage and Liver…..Wife too gets Collar bone fractured. Both need Emergency medical assistance and complex surgery later on. Both are admitted in the regional hospital and get the Primary care.

Their friend calls ISAPL for help. The Director Operations Ms. Poonam gets into action, as always. The ISAPL-CMO takes over the medical part of best suited Super-specialty care. And Ms. Poonam continues with the logistics of arranging the patients transfer to mainland and subsequently to Delhi.

Many options and opinions and constraints. The Infirm bodies, Continuous care, Location transfers, Budget constraints, Corona Virus. Treating doctor is not confident of patient discharge or transfer elsewhere. ISAPL-CMO assures the medical competence, equipment and care. He is simply 14 years experience in handling 100s of patient transfer cases worldwide. Logistics challenge being transfer from island to mainland. Family simply on shoe string budget. Cannot afford an Air transfer of 40 mins. Medical opinions and advises sought. Meticulously achieved thru the Ferry+Road ambulance of 8 hours.

ISAPL beat the next challenge of Bangkok to Delhi for cost and availability and feasibility. Director Operations Ms. Poonam has wide experience on it. She deputes the CMO at Bangkok to prepare the couple medically and Psychologically to be on a stretcher in a passenger flight. Meantime, Ms. Poonam pulls the strings on Indian national carrier. Could arrange for medical approvals and Engineering for Stretcher on Air India, within 18 hours; that typically demands 72-120 hours.

Rigorous planning, Multiple transfers , 4 Medical facilities, Budget; with Empathy. Couple landed safe and secured at Delhi hospital.

Another set of smiles protected by ISAPL.

Humane to Those in Distress !

Adventure for young – Concern for family !

Here is what we are good at. Bringing smile on the faces 🙂

These 2 (Foreign nationals) Love birds are smiling now.

But the preceding 38 hours have been of highly anxious moments. A phone call in the evening from overseas. And the last location known. No contact for the last 3 days. No mobile connect.

Family, Insurance company and Embassy are worried and clueless.

And ISAPL Director-Operations Ms. Poonam gets into action. Structured approach, strategic steps, Team activation.

Humane to those in Distress !

Humane to those in Distress !

Geographical and digital search. Teaming with Police, right upto SP’s office. Checkpoints, Hospital searches, Clubs hunting, Airports, Bike renting agencies, shops, restaurants, Foreigner’s Office, Immigration, borders, CCTV, …….

Well coordinated mission; and Love Birds are brought out of their hidden nest.
The end is: Smile 🙂

Thanks to the wonderful support from the Maharashtra Police force.

Yes. Humane to those in Distress !!

Young Couple lost in the Goa Jungle

Another interesting Crisis call – 04:00 am of a Sunday (mass day) morning.

A foreign national Boy and Girl are missing for the last 6 hours. In the ‘jungles of Arambol, Goa’. Last location available is a deserted Shiv Temple.

Search starts….. Locals, Police, ISAPL..    Pressure from Embassy, Family, Insurance company.

Police too is invoked. Police inform back that their search parties had failed since 11:00pm. ISAPL (Delhi HQ) draws a strategy to identify and form appropriate teams at Arambol, Goa.

Multiple teams approach the Jungle / Hill / Dam from 3 sides. Mobiles signals are pathetic. In between, we get connected to the couple. Without food / water and warm clothing. They cannot identify any landmark around. Shrill voice of the girl ‘I am hungry and tired. Exhausted. Cannot walk.’ Two hours of meticulous trekking and Tracking. The temple is empty and no one around. Searched the 400 mts periphery for traces live / injured / sick / dead….

switching between Hope and Misery…

Our Director Operations Ms. Poonam could zero down on another temple, some 2 kms away. The search parties are redirected towards that. Here is hope. One of the teams could connect with the couple and instructed them to climb down the hill thru a particular pathway. All goes well for 10 minutes as we are about to accomplish the mission. But, they loose the direction yet again. Vanished. Jitters and worrying.

All this while Police is still wandering around and seeking updates from ISAPL.

Now, Ms. Poonam, at Delhi Command Center, directs all the teams to close-in towards that location. Such an obvious looking rescue. But, then we were leveraging simple locals who are not ‘search-rescue’ trained / experienced / equipped. The mobile signals and directions had their own share. Ms. Poonam knows it the best.

Look at their smiling faces, telling the tale !

We at ISAPL “Humane to those in Distress”.

Smile says it all !

Smile says it all !

Fastest Service ever; completed with Blessings!

Most important element of our services are Empathy and Experience. A Foreign national died at India on Sunday morning. Family is under emotional trauma. They engage our services and request for speedy formalities and procedures etc. They want transfer of Human Remains from India to Singapore. Considering the Hospital, Govt, Police, AIIMS, High Commission, Air India, Cargo; Our promise is of 72 hours.

(For reference purposes: an Indian techie (working for the premium most IT company) died at Finland on 28-Dec. The Human Remains arrived at Delhi on 19-Jan)

But, ISAPL (An Air Ambulance company) is about ‘Humane to Those in Distress !

The Director-Operations Ms. Poonam Jain on her toes. Experience, connections and relations of 25 years come handy. The team expedites all the formalities, approvals, processes right over the Sunday and early Monday. ISAPL dispatches the Remains in flat 35 hrs.  The FASTEST ever by our team. Because, we understand and empathize with the grieving family.

Thank you very much as well miss poonam. You have been a great blessing“- the Family

Casket wrapping

A Midnight Mission to save a Neo-Natal

When our heart starts praying and our Medical team at its best and our staff is on the toes.
Humane to Those in Distress !

We together saved the naive life of an infant tourist. Mission started at 7:00pm to transfer from Goa to Mumbai. A bed-to-Bed transfer. Special Medical team formed with neo-natal Pediatrician and a backup doctor.  2 Sets of equipment for a fail-safe mission. Our Director-Operations Ms. Poonam knows it all. Her team was just there for next 6 hours.
It had many jittery movements of transfer thru Road ambulances, Air Ambulance.  Air Ambulance landing permissions. A Remarkable coordination among 3 countries, 2 time zones, 9 agencies and some 20 odd individuals.

Yes, it was critical. Our back-up team and equipment were helpful.
Baby stabilized in Mumbai hospital for the next 12 days. Now safe at home his home country.Baby web

ISAPL Rescues a 23 yrs young foreign national from Kaza

🎖Young foreign national girl. Stuck in Kaza Valley of Himachal Pradesh. 72 hours of turmoil ends.
Today we Air Rescued someone out from KAZA (Spiti Valley of Himachal), suffering High Altitude Sickness and Gastro infection. . Youngsters embark, without acclimatization.
We rescued her thru Helicopter to a safe place. Air lifted to Manali hospital. Finally, ISAPL brought her by Air Ambulance to Delhi for Super Specialty Medical treatment. While we were concerned about her health and life. ISAPL was in the midst of a bad-weather chaos every 4-5 hours. The Air Ambulance (Chopper) movement were curtailed / diverted / stalled multiple times. Thanks to our Pilot of Helicopter (Air Ambulance) for his resilience, experience and empathy. Thanks to the Medic team who infused enough of care, affection and confidence into her.Privacy Air view Del Ambu 2 Del Ambu 4

😖Cheapness prevails- Air Ambulance services

This was the reason for me starting the ISAPL:
“Poonam Jain, a former Diplomatic mission employee for 20+ years, was consumed by the idea of bringing in a compelling change in the Medical Emergency response sector that suggested her to leave her glass-ceiling cushy job and be the first lady entrepreneur. To her astonishment, she found there are no transparency and ethics in this industry and a medical emergency is ‘milked’. Country doesn’t have any guidelines or control mechanism. It was a completely un-organised industry, if we call it so.”

And here is a visible bad news:

🤔Delhi-based firm running air ambulance service dupes six of Rs 41 lakh😢

Just imagine the plight of those patients who were left high-dry-traumatized-cheated-???

Few reasons I could gather:

  1. There are no guidelines for Air Ambulance operators.
  2. The market is ofcourse replete with ‘companies’ who have very high budget for PPC / Google Ad Words/ Digital Marketing. Search for ‘Air Ambulance’ and you will know…..
  3. Indian clients look for the ‘cheapest’ Air Ambulance.
  4. Most transactions happen in quick ‘Cash’. And lots of ‘commissions / referrals’ to the mediators.
  5. Compounders impersonate a Doctor on an Air Ambulance
  6. Individuals are running the Air Ambulance co, with just a security guard
  7. India in itself doesn’t generate institutional business of Air Ambulance. The patient transfer by Air is very sheepishly ‘controlled’ by the Admin of hospitals. In few cases, the head of hospital’s Emergency department has side business of Air Ambulance Transfers.

ISAPL is pretty happy serving small, global institutional business; ethically.
(I am currently at New Zealand, overseeing an Air Transfer of a Psychic patient.  It is good to audit my own business.)