Certification of Indian Documents

International Star Assistance Private Limited offers the processing of attestation of Indian Certificates issued by various States. The Certification and Apostille forms an important part of the procedure that is needed should the Indian national living abroad is looking for complying with job applications, visa status applications, or any other legal requirement that may need Certified and Apostille documents from the country of Origin. ISA understands the process and procedure and is able to help clients with these requirements that follow the Hague Convention. Countries that are not part of Hague Convention require the document to be Legalized by their respective embassy in India. The process of Certification involves Indian certificates to be attested from different departments for authenticating it. It can be attested from the different departments in the State government, Central government and Foreign Embassies in India and Abroad. ISA offers the Certification & Legalization of Indian documents, primarily Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Educational Certificates. ISA ensures that these confidential and critical documents are handled in proper way, with strict control on its movement. Client is updated at all stages of the process and documents are sent to him either through Registered Post or via Courier. We offer these services for Indian documents and should you need any help on the Certification & Legalization of Indian documents in Delhi, NCR or any other state – please feel free to write to us at support@isaplgroup.com