Dr. Chandra

Dr. Souradipta C

ISAPL Chief Medical Officer with experience of over 13 years including Critical Care, Aero-Medical Emergencies, Aviation Medicine, Internal Medicine, ICU, Emergency and OPD management. Specialized in Consultant Physician and Head of Operations (Medevacs/Travel Medicine/Medical Assistance/Repatriations/Family Medicine), also specialized Aero-medical Emergencies/Aviation Medicine/Critical Care, including repatriation of patients (air ambulances/commercial seated repatriations/stretcher repatriations/ventilated patients/deportations) all around the world.

He has executed multiple cases including USA (New York, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Chicago etc), United Kingdom (London, Leeds, Manchester, Scotland), Australia, Afghanistan (Kandahar, Kabul, Camp Bastion, Bagram), Nepal, Sri Lanka, France, Denmark, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Japan, Canada, South Africa as well as multiple domestic destinations in India.