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My twins were born in Nepal and they were 2 months premature. Poonam Jain from International Star Assistance Private Limited was of immeasurable assistance. I was unable to get a medical opinion for my newborns and their care in Nepal. ISAPL flew their Panel Doctor to Nepal. The Panel Doctor physically checked both babies and provided advise on the solution, in particular for emergency evacuation. Poonam also advocated for changes to the current hospital care and arranged for me to talk with doctors from other hospitals for other opinion and health care options. She also provided excellent assistance in helping me with the exit processes of babies from Nepal and entry to my home country.

Anthony (Australia)

Dear Officer,  I would like to express my gratitude for providing assistance (via information and support to ISAPL) in bringing Mrs. Kamaladevi (Canadian Senior Citizen required medical evacuation from Chennai to Toronto.) I am absolutely happy with the exceptional services provided by the ISAPL Group. Group’s impeccable communications, record keeping and invoicing methods are exemplary. It was pleasure meeting the nurse, she is very kind, caring and courteous. In addition, Ms. Poonam Jain has meticulously and patiently managed the entire medical nurse based evacuation processes. She is THE go to person regarding services in this type of nature. My very best wishes to her.

Once again, THANK YOU.

Mujib Adam (CANADA)

Hi Sanjay and Poonam,

Thank you to all including the escort team (I don’t have their email please pass this on to them).  You guys as a team were excellent to deal with, well organized and very understanding in coordinating my mother evacuation from India.  Special thanks to Poonam for her professionalism and patience in exploring all the option and organizing the evacuation, my mother, family and I really appreciated the effort. The service delivered by Poonam Jain for our patient Dr Dolma in Dharamsala airlifted to Delhi was very satisfactory. The activation time was optimum and patient handling was much appreciated.


Many thanks for completing the task of movement by air ambulance of Rajesh from Udaipur to Jaipur without any hiccups. The entire activity was well coordinated. Your experience in handling this obviously made all the difference. Once again thanks on behalf of Rajesh’s Family who is working on helping the family in this moment.

P.Bisht, Chief Manager (HR)

I want to thank you for the great service that you provided. I am aware how very tedious such a procedure can be and had very bad experiences in the past, getting tied up in bureaucracy. With your help, it was fast and clean and the cost was extremely reasonable. I feel strongly that a service such as yours, helping people get through the system to get things done is very helpful and valuable. I have been living in India for over 30 years and wish I had the benefit of it earlier. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know and plan to call on you for further help.


Thank you so much for all your help you are trulely sent from God you made everything so easy for us without you I dont know what we would have done thank you thank you may god continue to give you wisdom as you endeavor to help others love always.

Rosie and Carl (USA)

Thank you so much for your help today! You are a god send to us. Thanks a million!

Kerrie (Family CANADA)

I wanted to again thank you for the assistance that you and your team have provided me with ensuring a quick return home with Nicolas to Australia. It’s reassuring to have a contact such as yourself that knows the processes and procedures which need to be completed and can get it done. It was one less thing for me to worry about, allowing me to spend my time on much better things.


If it weren’t for you, I would most likely still be in India right now and not sending this email from Australia, so thank you again. If I find myself in a similar situation in the future, I’ll be definitely using your services again. Cheers and take care.


Dear Poonam, Thank you again for all your assistance. Without your help we would probably still be in New Delhi.


Just a quick email to let you that we have arrived in Melbourne safe and sound.
And thank you for all your help while in India.



Exhumation is the term used when human or cremated remains are to be moved. The word Exhumation comes from the Latin and means in a very narrow sense “from the ground”.

Exhumations are generally rare. They cannot happen without having the necessary legal authorisation. It is important to point out that it is unlawful to disturb any human remains (this also includes any cremated remains) without first obtaining the necessary lawful authority. A situation may arise that means the remains of someone you care about needs to be removed from their grave or burial plot.

There are many reasons why this might arise, it maybe that the families make a request for personal reasons. The relatives may wish to change from the original grave to another family plot in the same or different cemetery abroad. There could be a request for repatriation overseas to be buried in a family vault. It could even be a change from burial to cremation as a mode of disposal. Arrangements may take a very long time to finalise and it may entail a lot of official procedures, and rules and regulations.

Bodies may be exhumed provided the required permits are obtained from the local magistrate. A statement/formal request from foreigner or their respected Embassy overseas is required to accompany the request for exhumation to indicate if the remains are being exhumed for reburial or cremation. ISAPL assists with Exhumation requests by coordinating with local authorities/ Embassies/ Government office in India. We acquire the necessary permissions from the local office.

The prospect and experience of an exhumation of interred (buried) remains of a deceased person can often be a very difficult time for the family and friends of the deceased person. It is only in strict circumstances that exhumation occurs. At all times during the process, due regard for respect to the deceased person and privacy for the family and friends of the deceased person is protected.

Exhumation of interred remains might be required in below situations:

When a court orders an exhumation as part of a criminal investigation

For public health reasons (e.g. if a graveyard or cemetery is being moved)

For family reasons (if the family of the deceased person requests that the remains be moved to another burial ground or other part of the country, abroad, etc.).

Exhumation can a very expensive decision. Not only will there be the cost of the exhumation itself, but other costs relating to exhumations could be:

  • Exhumation Permission paperwork
  • Court Permission fees
  • Funeral directors charges which will include new coffins/Urns
  • Cemetery fees and charges
  • Re-burial costs
  • Transportation charges if in different States/Cities

If you need more detailed advice you may call ISAPL 24X7 Hotline number at +91-011-46594412.

ISAPL assisting with exhumation request from CANADA

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