Medical & Emergency Assistance Services

Medical evacuation & Air Ambulance @ speed of light, with cost containment and leveraging Insurance. Geographically limited to Planet Earth!

Medical evacuation, often shortened to Medevac is the timely and efficient movement and en route care provided by medical personnel to sick/injured patients being evacuated from land or mountain to thfe nearest hospital/medical care being evacuated or from the scene of an accident to receiving medical facilities using medically equipped ground vehicles (Ambulances with Paramedics) or aircraft (AIR AMBULANCE). Air Ambulance aircraft/Helicopter Ambulance are capable of flying to smaller airports that are closest to Hospitals, thus minimizing transport time.

Air medical services is a comprehensive term covering the use of air transportation, airplane or helicopter, to move patients to and from healthcare facilities, injured while trekking on Mountains, landslide sites, flood Hit areas and accident scenes. The Air Charters used for Medical Evacuation are installed with necessary medical equipment as per the requirement of the patient and mostly include Stretchers, Ventilators, oxygen cylinders other mandatory medical equipments Nurse or Doctor accompanying the patient. For this work, you need resourceful crews, good team, regular communication and experienced medical Staff.

The primary issue in any Emergency call always remain is safety. Medical Air flights are mostly carried out on (PILATUS, King Air 200, C-90s, Learjets & FALCON Jet aircrafts).  ISAPL only uses providers/Companies that we have credentialed. We consider safety records, equipment, insurance documents and special needs that address the situation. You will not have to worry about the logistics. We only work with top Jet & Helicopter Ambulance companies with impeccable safety records.

Transporting a critically ill patient/MedEvac via Air Ambulance/Commercial plane from one place to another is serious business. In our Business, experience is critical.  We rely on our Panel- certified physicians with air operations experience for more than 10 years in Critical care and for paramedics, flight nurses to support our program.  We (ISAPL) works with various Embassies, Corporates & Insurance Companies to handle all aspects of medical transportation.

ISAPL provides comprehensive, Bedside-To-Bedside, emergency and critical care to all types of patients during aero medical evacuation or rescue operations aboard helicopters or Fixed Wing aircrafts. We have transferred Neo-Natals, injured, sick & elderly patients not only within India but from any other part of World/neighbouring borders Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka and also from Singapore, Thailand, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Middle East & Iraq via Commercial aircrafts/Air Ambulance. From Nepal & Bhutan via Helicopters and further transfer to Home Country via Jet Aircrafts. Escort team members have valid ACLS and BLS certification.

ISAPL negotiates best price with the providers and makes sure the cost is reduced suitable to the requestor/Insurance Company.  This is possible since the Director Operations (ISAPL, India) and Operations Manager (ISAPL Western India) have both worked with the Doctors, hospitals, aircraft providers, Funeral Directors and local authorities for more than 20+ years while working with Diplomatic Mission handling thousands of  their citizens travelling/residing in India and requiring Emergency assistance.  Have experience of handling Bomb Blast Victims, air crashes, road accidents, Train crashes, Floods, Earthquakes landslides/ Injured while Trekking in Mountains.

Flexibility and resourcefulness are key but in all situations ISAPL Team focus on the patient’s welfare which is paramount.

When someone calls us (ISAPL)  (+91-011-46594412/+91-9810508080 HOTLINE Numbers) with a sick or injured in India or from a foreign country our team speaks to the caller or a treating physician there and we gather as much information as possible, which is very important as it will determine if the patient is safe to fly. The diagnosis of patient is very important as it ascertains what means of transport will be suitable based on the patient’s condition.

With all the information ISAPL Medical Director and Escort Panel  Team then ascertains if the affected traveller requires intensive-level care or may conclude the patient can return home via Air Ambulance or aboard a commercial flight with a medical Escort. By working closely with major airlines, we can organize the repatriation of your patient either on a stretcher or as sitting patient in Business Class. On the other hand, if it is determined that an air ambulance flight is necessary, additional information is sought as to what type of medical team to put on the aircraft, e.g., a doctor, respiratory therapist, cardiologist, orthopaedics, registered nurse or just a physician. Once that is determined, ISAPL Team will then arrange for the patient and their family members to return to their Home Country or transfer closer to a medical facility.  For example, if you are in Himachal Pradesh/Ladhak in India on a Mountain Trek, we will get you to the nearest super speciality hospital either New Delhi or in the same area depending on situation.  ISAPL is in the Panel of various super Speciality hospitals in and around India. ISAPL Team provides timely and cost effective air ambulance repatriation, emergency airlift by using Helicopters and Medevac response by working relations with network group. If you need help coordinating any insurance matters, we can help with that, too.

Throughout the operation we ensure the patient is safely transported to the designated medical facility of choice. We are the direct contact with the family and the patient, Pilot and the aircraft provider.  We transfer Patients via Air Ambulance/Commercial aircraft from all major Cities/States in India like Bagdogra, Ranchi, Ahmedabad, Indore, Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Shilong, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttrakhand, Agra, Varanasi, Pushkar, Himachal Pradesh, Dharamsala, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Trivandrum, Raipur, Kolkata, Udaipur, Jaipur, Ladhak, Lucknow, Kullu & Manali and also from Remote Areas coordinating with local authorities.

Recently ISAPL has included Third Party Administration service.  We have arrangements with super speciality hospitals in India & Nepal.  We can provide below services:

  • Issuance of Guarantee Letters
  • Claims Management
  • Cost Containment
  • Hospital Referral

When your policyholders obtain treatment at our panel hospitals, we will ensure they enjoy a hassle-free experience and settlement of hospital bills in accordance with policy terms and conditions.

You may call us at our 24X7 numbers or complete Inquiry form for more information.  ISAPL Facilitators are also available in Australia, UK, Nepal & Canada.

Our Partners

Our Professionals have demonstrated capability to handle emergencies at short notices and all patients are handled with complete understanding and compassion. ISAPL’s Medical Assistance team realizes the importance of prompt and timely response time to medical emergencies. Medical Evacuation Services are dealt swiftly and precisely. ISAPL operates in close coordination with Hospital, Air agencies, Institutions, Relatives and Insurance companies.

The Air Ambulance Evacuation being offered today to clients is much different than the Air Ambulance of previous era. Today you have a choice of an Air Ambulance with Turbo-Propellers or Air Ambulance with Jet engines, Helicopters being used as Air Ambulance for patients who do not need stretchers. The Air Charters used for Medical Evacuation are installed with necessary medical equipment as per the requirement of the patient and will included Stretchers, Ventilators, Nurse or Doctor accompanying the patient. From the moment a request is received we can be ready to fly out with necessary permissions from Indian Government approvals on routes/flying rights in less than 4hrs with aircraft fully equipped and qualified Doctors to accompany.

Our network of partner Hospitals are used that offer comprehensive and competitive medical support. The medical reports of the patient is obtained from hospitals or concerned physicians and our Doctor will consult the status of the patient being air lifted to ensure that all necessary equipment is Onboard the aircraft being used for Air Ambulance Evacuation. Once the patient is admitted at the Hospital at the destination – We monitor the progress of a patient and provide daily medical reports to the concerned family or organization.

In case Patient is not severely ill and has a stable condition, a medical escort may be sufficient to ensure that any untoward incident does not happen when they are traveling in an Air Ambulance. We also offer the option of a qualified Doctor or Nurse Escort on board commercial flights to assist in medical needs when not using the charter Air Ambulance Evacuation. The Medical Escort accompanies the patient to the airport and assists in pre-departure formalities. On board the flight they ensure the continuity of medical care. Upon arrival at the intended destination, the patient is taken to the hospital, or home as the case may be.Should there be a need for Stretcher Service on-board scheduled commercial flights – our experienced Travel Division has the wherewithal to manage such requirements. The arrangements for stretcher, oxygen and On board assistance/Medical Escort are arranged by our team in consultation with the airline. We organise these services for you on Domestic Indian network or International Airlines as the case maybe.

Our office can also help you with travel arrangements (Airline Tickets or Hotel reservations) that may be needed for the accompanying family members of the patient.The applicable Legal & Local documentation is also taken care by our office so that the client does not need to run around procuring the paper work that may be needed.ISAPL is humbled to offer Medical Evacuation Services to both the Indian and International Community visiting or residing in South East Asian region.. The vision is to provide all services under one umbrella for your convenience. Our organization adheres to strict guidelines set by the Indian Government in coordination with Foreign Missions in order to deliver quality expeditious services. Our services are provided by our reputable affiliates such as medical facilities, hospitals, medical escorts, specialists, mortuary services which have a vast experience in the field.

We serve both private and corporate clients in a proactive manner. To enhance customer experience, You may call on our India Number: +91-11-46594412 or emergency contact +91-9810505080

We look forward to help you in your time of greatest need.