A Midnight Mission to save a Neo-Natal

A Midnight Mission to save a Neo-Natal

When our heart starts praying and our Medical team at its best and our staff is on the toes.
Humane to Those in Distress !

We together saved the naive life of an infant tourist. Mission started at 7:00pm to transfer from Goa to Mumbai. A bed-to-Bed transfer. Special Medical team formed with neo-natal Pediatrician and a backup doctor.  2 Sets of equipment for a fail-safe mission. Our Director-Operations Ms. Poonam knows it all. Her team was just there for next 6 hours.
It had many jittery movements of transfer thru Road ambulances, Air Ambulance.  Air Ambulance landing permissions. A Remarkable coordination among 3 countries, 2 time zones, 9 agencies and some 20 odd individuals.

Yes, it was critical. Our back-up team and equipment were helpful.
Baby stabilized in Mumbai hospital for the next 12 days. Now safe at home his home country.Baby web

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