Assistance in Surrogacy Cases

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Surrogacy in Nepal and Ms. Poonam Jain
In May 2015, we were the first Australians to use commercial surrogacy in Nepal when our twins were born in Kathmandu. The complexity of the post-birth formalities and processes were compounded by the fact few foreigners and no Australians had come before us (both the Nepalese authorities and the Australian authorities were in relatively new territory) and Nepal was reeling from the worst earthquake in generations (the first earthquake struck immediately before the children were born, the second shortly after the birth).
Into this chaos came Poonam Jain. Poonam provided us with guidance and support, and went above and beyond the call of duty to help us coordinate between a number of interested parties (Australian and Nepalese authorities, our surrogate, the fertility clinic and hospital, lawyers etc). Her knowledge of the regulations and requirements, coupled with her interpersonal skills and connections, made her an invaluable person to have on our team. I have no doubt that, without Poonam’s generous assistance, we would have had more difficulty in obtaining birth certificates, citizenship documents, passports, exit visas (and, ultimately, taken longer for us and the babies to return home).
We are happy to have this opportunity to sincerely thank Poonam for all of her assistance, and have no hesitation in recommending her services to other people considering using surrogacy in Nepal or India. In fact, we would actively encourage people to avail themselves of Poonam’s services as soon possible in the process, and our principal regret was that we did not have Poonam’s assistance from the very beginning of our surrogacy journey.

My partner and I recently had two beautiful twin babies through surrogacy in Nepal. With Nepal being very new to surrogacy we weren’t too confident going into the exit process alone and Poonam was highly recommended to us by a friend so we decided to use her services early on in the pregnancy. As expected the exit process was quite extensive and more difficult than we could have anticipated. Thankfully Poonam was there every step of the way supporting us and working hard to get our family home in the quickest way possible.
It was a blessing to have met Poonam the day our children were born and to speak to her in person. Her great personality, positive demeanor and wonderful sense of humor put us at ease very quickly and we knew we could put our complete trust in her to handle our case. Knowing Poonam was only a phone call away saved us a lot of stress as she would always go above and beyond to get each situation resolved.

Getting that email stating the babies had been granted Australian citizenship by decent was the most amazing feeling and I know we have Poonam to thank for that. I honestly could not recommend her enough, she is worth her weight in gold and we’re so grateful to her for not only helping us to get home in a timely manner but to now be able to call her our friend.

Johney Letizia

Absolutely blown away by the professional and caring service we received from International Star Assistance. Poonam and the team were there every step of the way and went above and beyond to ensure that we arrived home safely and swiftly after the birth of our beautiful daughter in June 2017. We cannot recommend them highly enough and would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking assistance in their surrogacy journey. Thank you again Star Assistance!!


july 2017

Mr. Hanley Melbourne, Australia

Hi Dolly and Poonam, Just wanted to let you know we now have the exit visas and are on our way home on Tuesday! Stephen just texted me. We can’t thank you enough for all your help and support…especially with the passport stuff….that was certainly pretty tense. You have both been fabulous. Thanks so much Dolly for holding our hands a bit especially at the hospital, Aussie consulate and DNA clinic. Poonam thanks so much for picking up Oliver’s citizenship, express delivery. For certain we would not have made our flights without your assistance. We can now enjoy our time with our precious son.

Libby and Stephen

While in a foreign country desperate to get home, it’s easy to let stress sneak in and make everything seem hopeless; even if we had an idea of where to begin, we still couldn’t have accomplished what Poonam did for us in anywhere close to the same timeframe. My wife and I were frustrated, delayed by what seemed to be an impossible system; Poonam spent time with us, helped us take the right steps and told us repeatedly to relax….she had it under control. We did about 5% of the work while Poonam took care of everything else behind the scenes; every time we called for an update she had moved yet another mountain in our return process. We are going home today, May 16th with our twin boys – our family is eternally grateful (grandparents especially), and all the other elements of our lives like work (I hold a senior position at a multi-national corporation), home, friends….and all the creature comforts can finally resume thanks to Poonam. When everything seemed impossible, it was Poonam that made it all happen; she is our hero. Thanks Poonam, please stay in touch.

Les and JessicaOntario, Canada

Hi from Ireland!!! 🇮🇪We are home!!😊We wish you a safe flight home. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all your help.

Jenny & Kris☀


Thank you for your amazing support!! 🌼


We are home in the San Francisco Bay Area! Girls did great on the long flight and are fast asleep. thank you for everything ! your services were invaluable!!

Samina Bari

Now that we are home , it all feels like a dream. Only for you we would not have been able to deal with the process. Your insight was invaluable we will never forget that poonum If there is anything u ever want from this side of the world, whenever or whatever it maybe we could the passion in our case , to get it across the line. I will never forget this. We will send you pics & stuff from our bundles of joy.  Plz keep in touch

Glyn & Joan Tallon

Hi from Ireland!!! 🇮🇪We are home!!😊We wish you a safe flight home. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all your help.

Jenny & Kris☀


Thank you for your amazing support!! 🌼

Jenny & Kris 2017

I Must say…….. I’ll never forget the integrity and business ethics that you and your team of colleges have shown …. I will do my utmost when i get home to tell everyone doing this process of surrogacy about the professionalism and prompt service you have provided …… Thank you and great work …….

Massimo Cerra

We have had the pleasure of working with Poonam Jain August 2011. During the time we worked together Poonam assisted and supported us in completing paper work required for our baby born through surrogacy.
She is articulate, competent, knowledgeable, happy to answer any questions that we had completing paper work and always returned phone calls and emails. Her 20+ yrs experience working in Embassy combined with the Company’s contacts contributed to us securing paperwork in minimum time. We can stet that we would not have completed the paper work process as smoothly and without significant heartache without Poonam’s assistance. With their help and skill set and the support the tedious process of completing paper work, visiting many offices, and liaising was handled proficiently and in a professional manner.  We would have no hesitation at all in recommending Poonam to any prospective clients, as we had no issues with their integrity and honesty. Regards

Yanik & Karen

Poonam, one could perhaps identify you as an essential part of the surrogacy process. We really think that the information and guidance along with the fact that you are approachable and a helpful person is what makes it all happen. Thanks Poonam Team!! Good Work.

James and Jennifer Zaglas

Thank you so much. We were lost and confused. Without your help we would have lost our air tickets. How smart of a person you are was obvious from the first instance of meeting you. Again we thank you. The trip home was fairly easy.
Thank You.

Henry & Edith ReedUSA

Thank you so much for all your help you are trulely sent from God you made everything so easy for us without you i dont know ehat we would have done thank you thank you may god continue to give you wisdom as you endeavor to help others love always.

Rosie and CarlUSA

We cannot thank you enough for all the great work you did for us when we were in Delhi to meet our new son James.

Your warm nature made us feel at ease and we knew that we were in great hands. Coming from Queensland and travelling on tourist visas we were always worried that we would come across problems, but not with Poonam, everything was streamlined.

Our son was born on the Wednesday, Poonam had his birth certificate on the Friday, and the following Friday we had our exit visa. We took one day to relax and then flew home.

I can only say that anyone who is taking this journey to fulfil their dreams to finally have a family, to have Poonam organise the paperwork takes pressure off the new parent and you are able to spend more time with your new baby, and not running around organising paperwork. Poonam, thank you again you are amazing.

Lisa & Shane Lawler

Out of all of the chaos of being in a new country with a new baby, you served as the one stable guiding force. Thank you for your efficient management of our paperwork for Ethan’s citizenship, passport, and exit visa. Every detail was spot on. Without a doubt, we would not have been able to return home as quickly as we did without your help. You’re our hero! Thank you too for the kindness in conversation and emotional support that you provided us during our journey. You calmed our fears and encouraged us as we proceeded with each step. You even told us the best restaurants to eat at during our stay! What incredible service and compassion! You will be forever in our hearts.
Best wishes

Leilani, Joshua & Ethan

This is a short email message to acknowledge and thank you for the wonderful and professional service you have provided to us.
From the time we first met, you have demonstrated a caring, knowledgeable and professional manner. We felt safe putting the required documents and matters into your hands. You made the transition smooth for us as you took on the burden of all the legal paper work and running around upon yourself and your agency.
We also thank Rachna Pilani (from SCI) for recommending you to us and for her friendly and courteous service in providing us with a few essential items to be used for our twin babies and for some helpful advice.
All in all you have provided an excellent service and I have, and will continue to be, highly recommending you to others who require the services you offer.
Thanks again. Yours Truly

Nigel Phillips

Hi Poonam.
Engaging Poonam Jain is the next best thing to having my twin daughters. She goes beyond her call of duty to ensure that the client knows not only what they should do legally, she knows Indian processes and legal issues as well as international migration policies. If I have only known her a few days earlier, a lot of my problem and stress in Delhi would have been minimized. Here is how she works: she describes to you the various ways around your problem, guiding you through beaurocractic issues concerning imigration, India & foreign policies, she completes and advise on your paperwork and recommends solutions. Most of all she takes my problems as her own, that is how committed she is to her work to ensure you leave India quickly and happily. Her charges are less than a tenth of what you will pay in Australia and some other ‘practices’ in India, most importantly she does everything with grace, a smile and passion. She is well connected in the Embassy circle..
She is now my friend, I have met few people like her in my one month stay in Delhi. My expereince there has changed for the better because of her. I highly recommend her to you for any problem you face in India: there is none like her in my view in Delhi. The only one complain I have is her office is too cold, but for many of you who wants to escape the heat of India, this will be a very welcome relief. Regards

Jack Tan

Dear Poonam We would like to thank you for all your assistance in obtaining all the necessary paperwork for us to return home with our baby boy. You went over and beyond all we could imagine for your services. You were always only a phone call away and you were very prompt in returning any calls which put our minds at ease.
You and your staff were so professional, prompt and exceeded our expectations in your service. You made a complicated process seem so easy and smooth and with your contacts, the process was seamless.

From Rusty

Dear Poonam & Team,
I would sincerely like to thank you for your help in getting all the paperwork organised for our baby boy who is only 20 days old and already has a passport and visa issued to leave India so soon. You really delivered an excellent service, your knowledge and your preparation for us really gave us the opportunity to enjoy our stay in India with our new born baby rather than running around. We sincerely hope you will grow this type of service for NRI’s and locals who need help. Keep your good work and god bless you !

R & S

Thanks Poonam.
And thank you so much for your assistance. People back in Newyork were expecting us back around December 15th, but thanks to you we’ll arrive 18 days sooner!!! You have new friends in Newyork so please do let us know when you visit.


Dear Poonam –
Thank you so much for your outstanding facilitation of our newborn babies passport and other legal procedures. We can’t imagine ever having to navigate the various bureaucratic ins and outs in India by ourselves. Even with the best planning, it seems various obstacles and complications were thrown up, but you and your team handled everything expertly and efficiently. We really can’t believe we were able to leave ahead of schedule with passport and all other approvals in hand.
We really appreciate and will remember for a long time your fantastic assistance and friendliness. Very much look forward to keeping in touch and meeting again next time we are in Delhi. With fond regards,!

Family in the USA

It is with great admiration that I would like to acknowledge the help of Ms Poonam Jain and her team who assisted me with the process of getting the necessary paperwork for the twins. Ms Poonam came highly recommended to me in Delhi. This is my second time to India to collect and bring my children home. On my initial visit with Poonam I was impressed with her background.
As the saying goes the truth is in the pudding and Poonam delivered. She was always available to me either in person, email or phone. Having done this before, I can compare the two times.
Poonam also assisted me with organizing the flights out of the country as the process was quite quick and straight forward we left much earlier than the first time.
I have no hesitation in recommending Ms Poonam Jain to people going through the same process, and know that she will take good care of you throughout a stressful period of being a new parent in a foreign country trying to get your family home..

Jason MookAustralia

I would just like to say a big thank you for all your help and support through this difficult time we had. Without the help of Poonam Jain and her team. This would not be possible. Poonam has helped a great deal and her friendly nature has given us so much comfort during this time. There is no words to describe how grateful we are for your prompt responses and most of all your understanding and patience with us. Your professionalism is highly regarded and we appreciate all the support.
We wish you all the very best in your future and may God bless you and your family. We will never forget your help and all you have done for us. Thanks & Regards

L & RAustralia

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all of your help obtaining my new born babies paperwork!
I honestly do not think we would have been able to get out of India without your assistance. If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to give out our name.
By using your services, we were able to spend time with our newborn baby that we will never be able to get back. Instead of running around Delhi, you had all documents reviewed and couriered to us in a perfectly organized fashion. I cannot thank you enough! Just saving us from running around in the chaos that Delhi is was worth it alone!
Furthermore, the exit visa procedures changed in the middle of our process, and you helped us navigate the new procedures, AND GAVE US A PARTIAL REFUND! Just amazing!
You are a very talented person and someone of utmost integrity! Your services were invaluable and we will never be able to thank you enough. I still say your services are worth every rupee!


My partner and I welcomed twins into our family in June 2017. The applications for citizenship and passports seemed overwhelming. Poonam and Deepak from the ISAPL Group took the stress out of the citizenship application process for us, leaving more time for us to focus on spending precious moments with our newborn children. ISAPL were able to advise on all the documents required for the application, eliminating wasted time on communicating back and forth with Immigration regarding their requirements. We appreciated the knowledge of Poonam and the team in streamlining this part of the process for us. Highly recommend ISAPL services for anyone nervous about the formal requirements of getting home after a surrogacy birth.

Steven Knight 2017


Bring baby(ies) home from Canada and Ukraine (Kyiv)

International Star Assistance Private Limited (ISAPL) provides a seamless process to assist intended parents (IP/s) through surrogacy to legally exit the country where infant/s are born and legally enter the IPs’ home country (Australia, UK,Ireland,Spain,Canada,USA).

Organisational background:
International Star Assistance Private Limited is spearheaded by Ms. Poonam Jain, Director, NEW DELHI who has established herself as the “go to” person to help IPs gain tension free exit from countries such as Ukraine,India, Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal to entry of IPs’ home country with newborn baby(ies). Surrogacy team assists families with professionalism and expertise to ensure a seamless process. The Unit is supervised by Experts.

Counselling is provided to Intended Parents(via SKYPE) on how to take their newborn baby(ies) home with the appropriate legal travel documents,  Assistance with Exit guidance, Visa Extension assistance in Kiev , passport and citizenship documents. ISAPL also guides about surrogacy or IVF clinics in Ukraine and Canada.

International Star Assistance:
Ensures that our clients enjoy the new joy of parenthood rather than get engaged in legal tangles.

  • Assists a variety of IPs who may be heterosexual couples, single parents, and same-sex attracted couples.
  • Works with various embassies &high commissions and has experience of having assisted many clients from different countries.
  • Facilitates legal assistance by independent senior family lawyers.
  • Provides advice and guidance on relevant government documents, processes and appointment procedures.
  • Assists/consults on the exit visa process (newborn baby/ies).
  • Assists with Drafts declarations / affidavits / surrogacy agreements that meets specific standards.
  • Assists in obtaining birth certificate / apostille.
  • Completes and files forms related with citizenship and passport (including collection of documents, administrative work & documents delivery).
  • Assists with chasing clinics/Lawyers related to local documents.
  • Represents IPs at Embassies and Consulates.
  • Interprets relevant government policies and procedures.
  • Facilitates DNA and Medical records / evidence.
  • Advises on surrogate care and benefit management.
  • Obtains identity documents of surrogate from clinics.
  • Assists to gain passports for newborn baby/ies
  • Also assists with guidance, completing paperwork and coordinating with local agencies.
  • Assistance for Citizenship & Passport in Ukraine(kyiv) & Canada.
  • Assists with Translation from English to Ukrainian & from Ukrainian to English or Notary service of local documents in Kyiv (Ukraine) such as Birth certificates, Passport copies, marriage certificates, surrogate consents and surrogate affidavits.


ISAPL Surrogacy Department continues to assist Intended parents with any guidance/advice in choosing clinic or IVF clinics in Ukraine or CANADA.  ISAPL has previously helped Intended parents in India, Nepal, Thailand & Cambodia with the exit process for babies and is assisting Intended parents with Exit/Citizenship/Passport guidance from Kiev, Ukraine and CANADA. ISAPL Team will be travelling to Ukraine as and when required and is happy to give advice about the exit process and any other guidance that is required.

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