Assistance in Surrogacy Cases

Bring baby(ies) home from Canada and Ukraine (Kyiv)

International Star Assistance Private Limited (ISAPL) provides a seamless process to assist intended parents (IP/s) through surrogacy to legally exit the country where infant/s are born and legally enter the IPs’ home country (Australia, UK,Ireland,Spain,Canada,USA).

Organisational background:
International Star Assistance Private Limited is spearheaded by Ms. Poonam Jain, Director, NEW DELHI who has established herself as the “go to” person to help IPs gain tension free exit from countries such as Ukraine,India, Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal to entry of IPs’ home country with newborn baby(ies). Surrogacy team assists families with professionalism and expertise to ensure a seamless process. The Unit is supervised by Experts.

Counselling is provided to Intended Parents(via SKYPE) on how to take their newborn baby(ies) home with the appropriate legal travel documents,  Assistance with Exit guidance, Visa Extension assistance in Kiev , passport and citizenship documents. ISAPL also guides about surrogacy or IVF clinics in Ukraine and Canada.

International Star Assistance:
Ensures that our clients enjoy the new joy of parenthood rather than get engaged in legal tangles.

  • Assists a variety of IPs who may be heterosexual couples, single parents, and same-sex attracted couples.
  • Works with various embassies &high commissions and has experience of having assisted many clients from different countries.
  • Facilitates legal assistance by independent senior family lawyers.
  • Provides advice and guidance on relevant government documents, processes and appointment procedures.
  • Assists/consults on the exit visa process (newborn baby/ies).
  • Assists with Drafts declarations / affidavits / surrogacy agreements that meets specific standards.
  • Assists in obtaining birth certificate / apostille.
  • Completes and files forms related with citizenship and passport (including collection of documents, administrative work & documents delivery).
  • Assists with chasing clinics/Lawyers related to local documents.
  • Represents IPs at Embassies and Consulates.
  • Interprets relevant government policies and procedures.
  • Facilitates DNA and Medical records / evidence.
  • Advises on surrogate care and benefit management.
  • Obtains identity documents of surrogate from clinics.
  • Assists to gain passports for newborn baby/ies
  • Also assists with guidance, completing paperwork and coordinating with local agencies.
  • Assistance for Citizenship & Passport in Ukraine(kyiv) & Canada.
  • Assists with Translation from English to Ukrainian & from Ukrainian to English or Notary service of local documents in Kyiv (Ukraine) such as Birth certificates, Passport copies, marriage certificates, surrogate consents and surrogate affidavits.


ISAPL Surrogacy Department continues to assist Intended parents with any guidance/advice in choosing clinic or IVF clinics in Ukraine or CANADA.  ISAPL has previously helped Intended parents in India, Nepal, Thailand & Cambodia with the exit process for babies and is assisting Intended parents with Exit/Citizenship/Passport guidance from Kiev, Ukraine and CANADA. ISAPL Team will be travelling to Ukraine as and when required and is happy to give advice about the exit process and any other guidance that is required.

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