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😖Cheapness prevails- Air Ambulance services

Apr 18, 2022 Others

This was the reason for me starting the ISAPL:
“Poonam Jain, a former Diplomatic mission employee for 20+ years, was consumed by the idea of bringing in a compelling change in the Medical Emergency response sector that suggested her to leave her glass-ceiling cushy job and be the first lady entrepreneur. To her astonishment, she found there are no transparency and ethics in this industry and a medical emergency is ‘milked’. Country doesn’t have any guidelines or control mechanism. It was a completely un-organised industry, if we call it so.”

And here is a visible bad news:

🤔Delhi-based firm running air ambulance service dupes six of Rs 41 lakh😢

Just imagine the plight of those patients who were left high-dry-traumatized-cheated-???

Few reasons I could gather:

  1. There are no guidelines for Air Ambulance operators.
  2. The market is ofcourse replete with ‘companies’ who have very high budget for PPC / Google Ad Words/ Digital Marketing. Search for ‘Air Ambulance’ and you will know…..
  3. Indian clients look for the ‘cheapest’ Air Ambulance.
  4. Most transactions happen in quick ‘Cash’. And lots of ‘commissions / referrals’ to the mediators.
  5. Compounders impersonate a Doctor on an Air Ambulance
  6. Individuals are running the Air Ambulance co, with just a security guard
  7. India in itself doesn’t generate institutional business of Air Ambulance. The patient transfer by Air is very sheepishly ‘controlled’ by the Admin of hospitals. In few cases, the head of hospital’s Emergency department has side business of Air Ambulance Transfers.

ISAPL is pretty happy serving small, global institutional business; ethically.
(I am currently at New Zealand, overseeing an Air Transfer of a Psychic patient.  It is good to audit my own business.)