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Air Rescue from Kullu (Hill Station in India)

Apr 20, 2022 Medical Evacuation

2 foreigners (very young girls) broke their leg, nose, spine in a bus accident in hilly village of India; in the afternoon. Local authorities had taken them to the Government hospital in the hill town. Some primary diagnosis and medication. The further treatment was kept pending to the next day. By the night, youngsters were Distressed due to language, anxiety, food, lack of medical facilities and emotions.
Past midnight, ISAPL was tasked by their home company to handle immediately shift them to a better medical facility and provide for Medical care, food and language. The anxiety levels of employer, Embassy and family very high. Our Medic-logistic team swung inti action. The town’s 2 ambulances were Overburdened in shifting another 15+ injured to a town hospital 3 hours drive 1-way. Real ambulance and professional care is a far cry. We arranged makeshift ‘ambulance’ to Road Transfer the young girls to a speciality secondary care private hospital to a bigger town.  Some  mattresses and restrain belts in the transfer vans. Shifted from Govt to private hospital for secondary care. Our medic teams’ preference was to conduct surgery in a city hospital.
3 days of stabilising and pain management. Reviews by home-country doctors. Emotional care.

Meantime ISAPL worked on their Air transfer from Hilly town to Suprspeciality Delhi. Special pilot, special machines are needed for this hilly Airport. Lots of algorithm and consideration for Medical risks. We chose over the fixed wing AA to a chopper. Fixtures and fittings, Cushions and mattresses and restrains-belts.

Integrating best of Medical and logistic support. We could shift them to Delhi and then to their home country. Our toil of 6 days-nights was far less than what they had been going thru. It was actually tough on them.

We simply bring some smile to those in severe distress !