Covid Patient transferred for Lung Transplant by Air Ambulance

Covid Patient transferred for Lung Transplant by Air Ambulance

The international flights are still curtailed and Patients transfer continues to be challenge for Operations and Finances. A patient was stuck at Kuwait hospital for 4 months in ICU for Lungs impacted due to Covid. Doctors has recommended a Lung Transplant. An important aspect of this Air transfer was ECMO machine. Patient was on a specific ECMO machine in hospital. Medics suggested minimize the change of ECMO.

Patient preferred to receive a transplant at India. Availability of Indian ECMO for inflight was a Challenge due to Compatibility and Power backup. And even the ECMO of Kuwait could not be supported by Indian Air Ambulance. Family had tried various Service providers.

ISAP was engaged for the Medical transfer by Air Ambulance.

What we promised:

  1. Capability to operate Global
  2. Maintain consistency of ECMO
  3. Safe & economical transfer

ISAPL did:

  • Meticulous planning and communication among current-destination hospitals, Family, Treating doctors….
  • Engaged European Air Ambulance that had required Power supply
  • Sought special permissions from Kuwait Govt to loan-lease the ECMO machine
  • Equipped Air Ambulance with Diverters and valves to support special ECMO
  • Covid health and landing permissions on Airports.
  • A comprehensive Medic team of Cardiologist, Perfusnist, Para-medic and ECMO operator.
  • A perfectly dovetailed arrangement of patient transfers by air / road at each step.
  • Customs clearance of loaned ECMO b=machine and its return to Kuwait.

It costed less than the initially anticipated / Quoted. And the patient’s ordeal of 4 long months  ended with the best treatment at Chennai.

It is possible to save life, if we all collaborate for the purpose.


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