Covid takes us to Bangladesh

Covid takes us to Bangladesh

ISAPL Operations were founded and headquartered at Delhi. Over the years, ISAPL has expanded formal footprints in Canada, Australia, Dubai and Oman. English has been the main language.

Covid times have thrown up many situations to serve global communities. ISAPL has relentlessly took up the challenge of Cultural and Language constraints. During these reduced Operations, ISAPL has leveraged its wide base and network.

In the last 8 months, we worked on Medical Transfers and Mortal remains…operating in French (France & Canada), Hebrew (Israel), Tamil (India), Bengali(Bangladesh) and Punjabi (Canada). This includes Documentation, Communication, Medical reviews, Medication, Cost-containment, Invoice Audits, Air Ambulance Transfers etc.

ISAPL is more versatile and equipped to handle multi-cultural and multi-country cases.

We are confidently serving Bangladesh now for Medical assistance, Covid management, Invoice-Audits, Hospital Admissions and Air Ambulance transfers.

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