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ISAPL at Cyclone Fani

Apr 18, 2022 Others

ISAPL seeks support from AIIMS

A young female professional from German organisation, amidst a Cyclone hit city of Bhubneshwar. While she is in an enclosed home, window pane shatters and she severely injures her hand. Can be a probable case of partial loss or amputated. Out there is cyclone at its peak.  Chaos all around. Helplines stop responding. Electricity….. Mobile signals intermittent. Crisis of a kind !!
ISAPL rose to the occasion, yet again. Command center team from Delhi, took over on Phones and the Doctor guided the traumatized girl to be strong and confident to handle the situation as guided over the phone. Coached her into her own first aid, without the first aid kit. Few pictures in between. 2 hours of guided medication and injury handling. By now, the girl is composed and is handling herself. Empathy boosts confidence.  The hand needs surgical intervention sooner.

Although a private hospital is within 10 minutes drive….but……No rescue team, ambulance, Police vehicle, No vehicle can move. No person can walk around. etc. NDRF and Police, not in reach.

A girl protected by 2 males on a Scooty, dare to be driven to the nearby private hospital, who Excused the support. Apollo too in disarray.
ISAPL medical team was then hoping of AIIMS, who themselves were struggling with the structural damages. ISAPL medical team in constant connect. Initial injury management done and next course of action is Plastic Surgery.

ISAPL is now working on the further surgery and shape recovery. May be an Air Transfer from Bhubneswar to Kolkatta. Or a Surgeon visit to the girl.


ISAPL works during any disaster. Our Director Operations, Ms. Poonam is experienced and Qualified from International Red Cross, and Oxford on “Public Health Principles in Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response”.