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ISAPL Rescues a 23 yrs young foreign national from Kaza

Apr 18, 2022 Others

🎖Young foreign national girl. Stuck in Kaza Valley of Himachal Pradesh. 72 hours of turmoil ends.
Today we Air Rescued someone out from KAZA (Spiti Valley of Himachal), suffering High Altitude Sickness and Gastro infection. . Youngsters embark, without acclimatization.
We rescued her thru Helicopter to a safe place. Air lifted to Manali hospital. Finally, ISAPL brought her by Air Ambulance to Delhi for Super Specialty Medical treatment. While we were concerned about her health and life. ISAPL was in the midst of a bad-weather chaos every 4-5 hours. The Air Ambulance (Chopper) movement were curtailed / diverted / stalled multiple times. Thanks to our Pilot of Helicopter (Air Ambulance) for his resilience, experience and empathy. Thanks to the Medic team who infused enough of care, affection and confidence into her