Founder Director Poonam brings meritorious experience of having managed Citizen Services & Assistance Services at U.S. Embassy New Delhi for over 20 Years. She is the Director Operations for all Assistance Services. She specializes in Air Medical Evacuations, evacuations by Road / Air in difficult terrain, Repatriations, Ground Assistance, FRRO, OCI and other Indian Visa related works. She has been guiding the couple desiring to be parent either thru Adoption or Surrogacy. Poonam is the “go to’ person to get your work done in 30+ countries including Austria, Ireland, Germany, United States, Nepal, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Middle East and many more. Her Compassionate nature is the key to services related to Air Medical.


  • Graduation in Humanity from Delhi University
  • Secretarial Practice from YWCA Institute, Delhi
  • Graduate in English Literature from Delhi University
  • Certified on Core Humanitarian Standards, UK
  • Certified on Disaster Risk Reduction, USA
  • Certified in Public Health Principles in Disaster & Medical Humanitarian Response, UK
  • Certified on Victims Assistance Training course from US Department of State
  • Certified on Nationality Law and Counselor Procedures from US Department of State
  • Certified form International Red Cross on Restoring Family Links & Psychosocial Support
  • Leadership Development programme from US Department of State


Medical Evacuation and worldwide Assistance

  • ISAPL helps a person in Medical distress or Traumatized in an alien
    location, with Quick and precise medical assistance. The criticality and terrain demands Air Ambulance, with specialist doctors. For foreign nationals; the process, procedure, documents, clearances and facilities are different and do need a comprehensive approach. ISAPL combined experience of 65+ years handling foreign nationals is unique.
  • In the region, similar services are run by only Male Doctors. It is a man’s world. I am the only non-Medical & a Female leading an organisation. I remain unbiased on selecting the ‘suitable’ Medical team.
  • I had seen the disparate and disjointed sector & persons in despair. In situation of emergency, one had to coordinate with: Affected, Employer, Family, Doctors, Insurance, Hospital, Airport, Air Charter, Consulate. I decided to be wing-to-wing venture. We created a model of ‘Partnership’ with all the stakeholders with 40+ formal Agreements.
  • Our concept is to be more comprehensive. We are the only company to own the complete value chain of Medical Risk Coverage, Risk mitigation and Risk services to human life.

Prime Air had been providing Air Ambulance, Medical Assistance team,
Equipment and stretcher on commercial airlines. We also coordinate with
embassies and insurance companies for legal & financial support to our
clients. For the family of a deceased, we arrange Repatriation of body between cities or countries. We do arrange Funeral services

  • I picked the nuances of a ‘business’ and the competitive world of Medical Evacuation.
  • I served citizens of 23 countries in 19 months. A global community.
    Defined the business processes, cookie-cutters & Commercial ways for this new Line of Business.
  • Generated 3 times the targeted revenue
  • My brand was reckoned.
  • What was an example of a successful outcome of this activity? (e.g.
    Made 30+ partnerships)
  • Established the foundation to grow with the international Insurance
    companies. Charted the possible markets

US Embassy

Prime Air had been providing Air Ambulance, Medical Assistance team,
Equipment and stretcher on commercial airlines. We also coordinate with
embassies and insurance companies for legal & financial support to our
clients. For the family of a deceased, we arrange Repatriation of body between cities or countries. We do arrange Funeral services

  • I could bail-out Americans from their life-death situations, including tiff with Law authorities of India.
  • Refined SOPs
  • Administered the ‘Warden’ system for Americans staying at India at
    regional (town based) community support.
  • Supported and guided the regional staff, in and outside India.
  • Saved million dollars of State department on Expense and Support to Americans.

US Embassy

Help American Citizens for their Consular and allied services, while in the Delhi region

  • I was responsible to process fresh passports, renewals and Citizenship renouncement.
  • I led 100s of situations of American in distress for Medical, Psyche,
    Family-feud, Financial, Legal, regional and cultural nature.
  • I learnt cross-culture challenges and the international SOPs to deal
    with it
  • I generated contacts with the stakeholders at Govt and no-govt

US Embassy

This section provides the Passport and Visa services to Indians desiring to be at US for studies, Tourism, family, business, job etc.

  • I led the Volume work distribution and fault-free completion.
  • Based on my acumen, I was assigned along the Anti-Fraud department.

Flying Training and Leisure

  • Roaster and Schedule planning of Flying Trainees and Pilot Trainers
  • Leisure safety & Compliance
  • Exam and License management
  • Office Administration


ISAPL was formed in Aug-2014 at Delhi, India. It was in a jiff, when the earlier partnership severed overnight. Over the last 5 years, ISAPL has established strong business agreements with:

  • Super-specialty hospital chains
  • Air charter companies
  • Funeral homes
  • Served nationals from 34+ countries
  • Exit Process in Surrogacy…
  • Provided direct assistance at India, Nepal, Canada, Cambodia, Thailand, Kenya, Australia,
    Dubai, Ireland

Financial and Cost containment

  • Fraud detection in US Citizen Services
  • Funds allocation and appropriation to Citizens in distress
  • Cost containment for American Insurance companies
  • Saved Million Dollars for US State Department

Medical rescue of bus full of American Students

  • Worked on Life-saving mission of bus-full of American students on Tour to Northern India. Their bus met with an accident and most had to be evacuated to the city-based medical facilities. Coordinated the whole mission. Few Deceased were ported back to US in a very tight time-schedule.
  • Deployed Air Ambulance, Road Ambulance, Coordinated with the Congressmen & State Department, Insurance companies, Local Police austerities, Govt of India, Families and Hospitals.
  • Was awarded at the US state Department as ‘Foreign Service National of the year 2004’
  • https://www.state.gov/documents/organization/191558.pdf


  • Initiated a community service program for coexistence of natural species
  • Society cleanliness drive to create an appealing and healthy environment
  • Environment friendly lighting system Solar water heating systems


For me:  “I work on LIFE as one entity.”

My co-founder & spouse, Sanjay Jain, is a person of great Vision, who can gaze at the horizon. He is someone who always identified the rising sector and built upon it. While he is the mentor to ISAPL, himself runs an e-commerce global business. Frequently, I use him for bouncing my ideas and darts! A strong dart board is must for a start-up entrepreneur. Once vision is agreed, I work on operational elements, he identifies opportunity to cement the backbone of the network, alliances, resources and processes. We are family.

We have arrived-in with a clear thought of Empathy towards those in Distress of ‘Life & Death’. We value Human life and Human emotions to the utmost significance. We facilitate the Human Life creation and Soul departing. We understand that human needs are the same across the world. People (client) connect to us seeking Empathy and life-saving support. We relate to them. We are God’s special children that we are getting blessings of 500+ families who either got a new soul in their family or they could hold on to the life of their near-dear, spanning 35+ countries. Race, religion, faith, country, culture is immaterial. ONE SOCIETY. We work for blessings & God gives us money as bonus.

I am very contended 24×7 for the simple reason that I ‘help’ someone, somewhere !!

Since, I had learnt everything over the last 25 years and I believe that anyone can learn. The only quality needed is Empathy towards the person in distress and 360 degree view of the situation. I keep looking for few like-minded, similar experience members. I shared her ideas with few of her colleagues from the embassy time. Now, I have Dolly as my buddy and Sam, Ashu & Divika as my global partners. Two of the partners are my erstwhile clients. We have gained market leadership position in 2 of the 3 services segments of the business. Our Marketing is largely ‘word of mouth’. Slow, steady, sound and solid. I seek people who reflect Empathy for Human life; rest is hands-on training with ‘ownership’.


Ms Poonam has shared her opinion on Medical Emergency & Surrogacy


Poonam’s 3Cs are ‘Comprehensive’ and ‘Commitment’ and ‘Compassion’. ISAPL is the only one Directly accredited by the industry stakeholders. ISAPL works on Partnership model. ISAPL is building the foundation on core-strength and avoid sudden burps of fashionable ‘startups’.

Ms Poonam has shared her opinion on Medical Emergency & Surrogacy

Poonam values the Human life and Human emotions to the utmost significance. Poonam is God’s favourite child, who promotes ONE SOCIETY. ISAPL’s future partnerships (hiring) will be very much in-line with the core culture to work for blessings. God gives us money. ISAPL partners with Humans and leverage the Professionals. Poonam leads the Operations, as ‘go-to lady’ for anyone in distress. Supported by Sam, a facilitator on Family Inception. Dolly is a lady who has very high emotional values for human lives, ever since being unable to extend her family & recently lost the ailing soul mate. Kerrie & Kylie had gone thru the distress of ‘Life-Death’ situation of their infants in alien countries. Ashu is from the family of Doctors.

Those who come into Poonam’s Circle of Influence; get inflicted with Compassion, Empathy, Transparency. ISAPL shall be reckoned with the ‘helping hands, in need’ across the world. Learning, training and education is on-the-go. Even Poonam continues learning and smart work. Past half-century age; she has recently certified herself on:

  • Core Humanitarian Standards from Humanitarian Leadership Academy, UK
  • Disaster Risk Reduction from International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • Public Health Principles in Disaster & Medical Humanitarian Response from Oxford University

Poonam is an inspiration. Lead by example !

Poonam being the strong and only woman leader in this industry segment, brings ’empathy’ to the commercial business. That is most impactful element when we deal with humans in distress of life / death. Her go-getter attitude has increased the speed and spread of the business within 3 years. Her cross-culture competence helped business grow in 34+ countries and especially in Canada & Australia. She has created widespread visibility in India & Canada thru social media and Radio, Society and network. With Poonam at the helm, the business has multiplied since inception for her precision and Customer-delight, resulting in 70% as Repeat business from satisfied clients. She leverages the process, ethics, norms and SOP of her erstwhile employer ‘US state department’. And hence ISAPL is India origin, world-class!.

Poonam has excelled in everything that she worked on. Highly rewarded and recommended worldwide. Following are the significant ones from the bouquet of Poonam’s awards:

  • Foreign Service National (2004), by US Department of State
  • PHDCCI ‘Outstanding Businesswoman Award’


Poonam is the prominent leader, spearheading the cause of: