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Surrogacy in Ukraine Sees Rapid Growth

Apr 18, 2022 Others

Experts predict further growth in demand for Ukrainian surrogate mothers among foreigners since Mexico, India, Nepal, and Thailand have recently banned commercial surrogacy, while Ukraine still allows it.

Since the crisis hit Ukraine’s economy and the war with Russia broke out in 2014, more Ukrainian women consider surrogacy as a solution to their financial difficulties. Surrogate mothers can receive up to $13,000 compensation plus a $400 monthly allowance. A surge in the supply in the surrogate maternity market in Ukraine has pushed down the price of the procedure for would-be parents.

While there isn’t an official statistics for the number of surrogate births in Ukraine, one of the surrogate agencies the Kiev Post spoke to estimated that approximately 300 children are born every year from surrogate mothers. But the numbers can grow soon

Moreover, Ukraine has recently lost several competitors on the world surrogacy market. In 2015, Mexico, India, and Thailand, formerly known as popular destinations for legal and affordable surrogacy, banned it for foreigners. In 2016, Nepal joined the ban.

Ukraine legalized commercial surrogacy and egg and sperm donation in 2002. No specific permission from any regulatory body is required except for a written consent form signed by all parties. The law gives a surrogate mother no parental rights over the child born.