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When an Air Ambulance killed the patient

Apr 18, 2022 Others

😢I remember that dreadful night. Ms. Poonam, an employee of US Embassy at Delhi.
This disaster struck and Ms. Poonam was up and running at that fateful night. An Air Ambulance carrying American citizen crash landed on the Roof top a house in Faridabad suburb.  It was a long ordeal to rescue and recover the Injured / deceased Americans in this Pilatus.

While the Govt agencies were busy containing the damage and removing debris from the Indian habitat in those congested isles. Poonam was on the toes to transfer the Americans to the Super Specialty hospitals or mortuary.

Almost 12 days of concerted efforts from Ms. Poonam on those injured / deceased. A BIG appreciation and credits from the US State Department. Lots of blessings from the families.

Many many learning from the accident. The ‘Cheaper option’ costed here. The Pilatus and Night flying was a deadly combination. Money matters, not more than the life.

Now ofcourse, the same Ms. Poonam is the Founding Director of ISAPL group.

Delhi HC awards Rs. 50 lakh compensation to doctors, nurse killed in Faridabad air ambulance crash