Air Ambulance tearing the Darkness

Air Ambulance tearing the Darkness

Saving Life is more important than anything else.“- Ms. Poonam (Director-Operations)



It was a distress call to help Air transfer a Heart patient who immediately (Golden hour) needs surgery Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD).

What is so challenging: Patient heart condition, Inter-country Covid regulations, UK Lockdown has disrupted Dhaka Airport operations. Flight slot, Permissions and Operations are in for a hard time. Any further anxiety (due to Air-transfer delays) can worsen his Vitals.

ISAPL approach:  Sub-team formation by Ms. Poonam.

Team A works on Flight readiness with equipment & Medics, client management and commercials. Team B works on Medical assistance logistics from Bed-Airport-Ambulance-Airport-Bed. Team C works on Inter country permissions, visas, Covid clearances, Airport permissions.

Airport operations at Dhaka were overwhelmed with changed dynamics of global aviation due UK. A request to fly is pending since morning. Winter Darkness setting in sooner and Patient’s vitals…..
When the standard approach for permissions didn’t yield for many hours; Ms. Poonam could trace and reach senior officials of Dhaka Civil Aviation authorities. Permissions to land in at night were hard to come by. Her Empathy and request to Dhaka Authorities to support a life-saving mission worked. Immediately, all the 3 teams converged to simultaneously roll both Road and Air ambulances. The integrated approach of dovetailing logistics saved critical minutes. Medic team ran a night mission saving each critical minute.

Patient is safely and delightfully Air ambulance transferred from Dhaka to Delhi Bed-to-Bed. The family is thankful of Miracle tearing the Darkness of night and pain.

Humane to Those in Distress !!



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