Air Ambulance

…just when Taliban rattled the Af.

It is very recent; during US pullout from Af and turmoil thereof. Three Indians and Nepalese suffering Covid infected Lungs disorder. Both their employer and hospital wanted them to be evacuated out of Af. Reasons were many: including endangered life, deteriorating medical condition and depleting resources. Taliban was making sudden moves and whole of Af was in uncertainty and fear. Airport, Immigration, Security…. tartar

Challenges were equally strong; including negligible commercial Flights, safety/security/ permissions and costs. Embassies of both India, Nepal at Af and of Af at India were least-functional; stalling the permissions, visa and clearances. 

The Plan A to move all 3 of them together by a chartered Air Ambulance was dropped due to safety concerns in Af airspace. The Asian and European aviation companies had refused to fly into either Kabul or Bagram, Mazar-e-Sharif. Even the Af Medical team refused to road-transfer patient to Bagram etc. 

Our Director-Operations Ms. Poonam had designs of Plan B. She swiftly started working on Commercial transfer. She prepared 2 simultaneously Medical teams and commercial Airlines (Air India and Kam Air) at India and Af to activate either medical escort teams. Oxygen, BPAP, ECMO equipped. She frivolously moved few Govt Ministers & airlines.  It was a life-saving mission. Commercial airlines medical clearances were arranged.  

Meantime a patient’s condition deteriorated. The impending life threats and medical condition warranted urgency. Ms. Poonam agreed to a split-plan.  1st patient was immediately transferred by Commercial airlines to India. Subsequently stabilized overnight at Delhi, before Air Ambulance transfer and treatment at Nepal. 2nd (deteriorating) patient was immediately moved to the Middle East. 3rd was moved few days later by commercial airlines to Delhi for treatment.
Thankfully, all 3 are safe home and doing good; away from Af. Yes, escaping the inevitable threat and chaos thereon.

We were saving 3 human lives; just in time. 

Air Ambulance tearing the Darkness

Saving Life is more important than anything else.“- Ms. Poonam (Director-Operations)



It was a distress call to help Air transfer a Heart patient who immediately (Golden hour) needs surgery Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD).

What is so challenging: Patient heart condition, Inter-country Covid regulations, UK Lockdown has disrupted Dhaka Airport operations. Flight slot, Permissions and Operations are in for a hard time. Any further anxiety (due to Air-transfer delays) can worsen his Vitals.

ISAPL approach:  Sub-team formation by Ms. Poonam.

Team A works on Flight readiness with equipment & Medics, client management and commercials. Team B works on Medical assistance logistics from Bed-Airport-Ambulance-Airport-Bed. Team C works on Inter country permissions, visas, Covid clearances, Airport permissions.

Airport operations at Dhaka were overwhelmed with changed dynamics of global aviation due UK. A request to fly is pending since morning. Winter Darkness setting in sooner and Patient’s vitals…..
When the standard approach for permissions didn’t yield for many hours; Ms. Poonam could trace and reach senior officials of Dhaka Civil Aviation authorities. Permissions to land in at night were hard to come by. Her Empathy and request to Dhaka Authorities to support a life-saving mission worked. Immediately, all the 3 teams converged to simultaneously roll both Road and Air ambulances. The integrated approach of dovetailing logistics saved critical minutes. Medic team ran a night mission saving each critical minute.

Patient is safely and delightfully Air ambulance transferred from Dhaka to Delhi Bed-to-Bed. The family is thankful of Miracle tearing the Darkness of night and pain.

Humane to Those in Distress !!



Helping Aged during Covid times

This time, it is a 70+ years old Canadian lady vacationing at India; when the Lockdown held her back at a Dharamshala (India). She was confined to the place for almost 5 months. And once she started moving out, had a fall causing cerebral injury. The medical care could keep her live with negligible movement. She was under home care for long enough developing sores. The family at Canada was concerned. They wanted her to be shifted to Canada for better care.

She was infirm and longing to return back to Canada.

ISAPL was recommended by the Canadian Govt officers. ISAPL team swung into action. Connecting the family, Care provider, Airlines, Govt and many many more.  ISAPL finalized the travel routing and medical care needed.

A 5-days monitoring and stabilizing process started. having enough experience, ISAPL team swiftly arranged the permissions and clearances from Canadian High Commission, Ottawa HQ and Airlines authorities for yet another special transfer during Covid.

She was shifted to Delhi, under Medical care and supervision. She was stabilized at Delhi for 72 hours and Covid tests were conducted. She was prepared mentally, Physically and emotionally for the 13 hrs non-stop flight from Delhi to Toronto. And another connection of 2 hours flying.

ISAPL, under the leadership of Ms. Poonam is well versed, equipped, experienced in supporting such Medical Repatriations. Ms. Poonam sorted thru special exemptions and permissions.

The entire family at Winnipeg was assured of her safe travel.

We do best what we intend to…

Humane to Those in Distress !!

Ms. Poonam-ISAPL-Handling medical Emergencies, Globally

Ms. Poonam Jain of M/s International Star Assistance Pvt Ltd. (ISAPL) has won yet another international award.

Women in Business and Professions World Awards-2020


Category:                Health Care and Medical Hero of the Year

Rank:                      GOLD

Motto:                     Handling medical Emergencies, Globally


Handling Medical Emergencies, Globally:

Indian government announced a hard-lockdown, with just 4 hours notice. Flights, Hospitals, Embassies, transport, Offices came to grinding halt. People movement was prohibited, with penalty on opening ANY office. Both medical and logistics services were snapped leading to an utter confusion and distress all around.

International Star Assistance Pvt Ltd. (ISAPL) being a global company for Medical Emergency, were amidst many cases. The Director-Operations, Ms. Poonam Jain, decided to stand up and continue the services. As per Poonam ‘People need us more now’. Leading from the front, her Operations team was up and running overnight.


  1. Having worked globally; Poonam activated the ‘Work From Home’, as per the Business Continuity Plan.
  2. She activated the call diversions and hunting mode for 24×7 Alarm Centre.
  3. Established 100% normal communication channels (emails, phones, chats)
  4. The process books and data backups were leveraged for formats, tools, accounting etc.
  5. Learning from the lockdown and business criticality, Poonam relentlessly worked on refining the policy / procedures to conclude the Audits. Finally achieve the ISO 9001-2015 Certification for SEARCH & RESCUE, AIR EVACUATION, AIR AMBULANCE, MEDICAL ASSISTANCE & ESCORT, and TRANSPORTATION OF HUMAN REMAINS
  6. Poonam prepared for the eventuality of any existing staff getting infected of Covid-19. She hired professionals to expand Support team by another 60%

Medical Assistance

  • Poonam could envisage an immediate need for otherwise non-existent network and ecosystem for ‘Tele Medicine and counselling’.
  • Arranged Psychiatrist counselling sessions for foreign nationals stranded at India.
  • Poonam has established a team of Medics-paramedics for ‘home visit’, fully geared in PPE kits to provide Primary care for Covid-19 affected. An elaborate ‘Quarantine and monitoring’ was drawn in consultations with Doctors and learning from Medical agencies.
  • In miraculous feet, Poonam arranged Air transfer of Human remains from Covid locked Eastern Europe to Canada; while all along being at home (Delhi, India). It was a unique multi-mode, multicounty mission.
  • When everyone was losing peace, Poonam utilized the Covid-19 lockdown as an opportunity to seek overdue citizenship and immigration transfer of an Infant born in India 2 years back. US govt granted a ‘special case’ approval for Infant to reach home-US. Poonam went further ahead to arrange a seat in special flight of India-US for stranded. All this while coordinating with Washington.
  • Poonam leveraged her experience at US Embassy during Anthrax scare days to prepare SOPs for Embassies’ readiness for Covid handling
  • Poonam could fill the gap on Service provider for Air Charter; by leveraging network in Spain and Eastern Europe.
  • When clients / expats were concerned about availability of Super specialty Hospital for Covid-19 treatment, Poonam arranged assured & preferred services to them.
  • Quickly coached and guided the newly inducted staff, straight in a Work-from-Home mode, with devices, emails, phones working within 6 hours.
  • Received appreciation and publicity for conducting Covid awareness sessions among the Residential communities. Arranged groceries and medical help for the aged / isolated.

Team Learning:

  1. Ms. Poonam preferred to certify herself: International Red Cross’s course on “Restoring Family Links & Psychosocial Support in Emergency”
  2. Encouraged and coached Network Manager – Mr. Ankur Sharma certify himself: WHO’s “Health Emergency Program on Covid-19”
  3. Operations Manager – Mr. Deepak Rai learnt the nuances of Health and Travel Insurance
  4. Under Poonam’s mentoring, the complete Operations team was on feet 110% time. They felt more resourceful than before. The happiness and engagement was overwhelming. Poonam ensured a more than normal client communication. Team worked more cohesively and compassionate to those in need.
  5. Poonam’s empathetic approach is both consolation and reassuring to those in distress. She has happily handled the grief, anxiety and concerns of others. She brought few smiles back. During the severe Covid-19 outbreak, Poonam did lower her guards to take better care of fellow human beings.
  6. Under Poonam’s leadership, ISAPL stayed true to the company motto: Humane to Those in Distress!


  1. Poonam exhibited resilience & mellowness in such unpredicted circumstances. She heroically led from front to dispel panic and nervousness among client & society. Arranged Psychiatric video sessions for mental health of stranded & isolated expats.
  2. During hard lockdown of cities, offices, state borders, Airlines & transport Poonam arranged logistics, permissions, and devices for team to operate 24×7. They remained cheerful & healthy in ghost towns; when everyone else had dithered.
  3. Poonam pragmatically handled emergency of others, even during scary Covid-19 lockdowns; assuring and providing food, medicines and Medical help.

Angel’s Empathy !

PB-1 PB-2“We cannot begin to put into words how much it meant to us to have you present during this critical moment in our lives. We are undoubtedly very grateful for your……..” – Daughter

ISAPL 24×7 command center received a Distress call from a daughter. Her ailing father in mainland hospital at southern India. Concerned and despaired; she described that her mother is inconsolable. Both were nursing the man for the past 3 months. They must go back to their home town in an island 1,400 km away.

It is Covid times, the entire India is under strict lockdown. Facilities, transport, Services are not accessible. The skies are closed. Airports shut, roads barren, … fear of Corona infection.  Hospital resources are struggling hard with the Corona suspects. Police is in full gear. Social Distancing, Hygiene…service providers indoor.

ISAPL’s Director Mr. Sanjay could sense the Grievous daughter and mother. The ladies were hapless, desperately in the need of support.

Sanjay got into action. Seeking Govt permissions, approvals, consents across 3 states. Arranging Aircraft. Govt permissions were just not coming. The 2 states had their own peculiar standing. In absence of policies; Airport Authorities, Medical departments, Ministry of Aviation, Ministry of Home, Pilot, family, State Administration, Police….. You name it; and we had a disastrous mix.  Frantic calls, emails, visits to multitude of officers and contacts; both in Administration and Politics. The zig-zag, yes-no, you-they went on for good 28 hours.

Family would give-up on hope, every other hour. But, this is the time ISAPL has to stand up for “Humane to Those in Distress”.  Sanjay would assure the daughter ‘You trusted me, I shall not disappoint you’.

And we could get half-permission. Yes HALF. The father can be transferred thru Charter ambulance. But not the wife-daughter. Fear of live persons being probable carrier of Covid. Their home town administration refuses to accept them in.

Daunting task to explain to otherwise very humane officers that the wife-daughter has been nursing the father. Another round of chasing all the above authorities. ISAPL decided to work with the hope of 30% and sent the Father and duo to the departing airport. 3.5 hours of waiting there, and we get the permission for Duo to accompany them together; without getting quarantined at their home town. Finally, we flew after the Flying hours, with extraordinary permissions at destination island to hop.

All along, ISAPL knew the Empathy shall prevail. Kudos to that composed daughter who could sail thru so much of turmoil.
And THANKS to and angel Government’s Senior Officer at Delhi who said ‘Sanjay ji, please proceed. I am instructing both the states and all officers to accept the request right now. Let me know, if anyone challenges you.’



Fastest Service ever; completed with Blessings!

Most important element of our services are Empathy and Experience. A Foreign national died at India on Sunday morning. Family is under emotional trauma. They engage our services and request for speedy formalities and procedures etc. They want transfer of Human Remains from India to Singapore. Considering the Hospital, Govt, Police, AIIMS, High Commission, Air India, Cargo; Our promise is of 72 hours.

(For reference purposes: an Indian techie (working for the premium most IT company) died at Finland on 28-Dec. The Human Remains arrived at Delhi on 19-Jan)

But, ISAPL (An Air Ambulance company) is about ‘Humane to Those in Distress !

The Director-Operations Ms. Poonam Jain on her toes. Experience, connections and relations of 25 years come handy. The team expedites all the formalities, approvals, processes right over the Sunday and early Monday. ISAPL dispatches the Remains in flat 35 hrs.  The FASTEST ever by our team. Because, we understand and empathize with the grieving family.

Thank you very much as well miss poonam. You have been a great blessing“- the Family

Casket wrapping

ISAPL Rescues a 23 yrs young foreign national from Kaza

🎖Young foreign national girl. Stuck in Kaza Valley of Himachal Pradesh. 72 hours of turmoil ends.
Today we Air Rescued someone out from KAZA (Spiti Valley of Himachal), suffering High Altitude Sickness and Gastro infection. . Youngsters embark, without acclimatization.
We rescued her thru Helicopter to a safe place. Air lifted to Manali hospital. Finally, ISAPL brought her by Air Ambulance to Delhi for Super Specialty Medical treatment. While we were concerned about her health and life. ISAPL was in the midst of a bad-weather chaos every 4-5 hours. The Air Ambulance (Chopper) movement were curtailed / diverted / stalled multiple times. Thanks to our Pilot of Helicopter (Air Ambulance) for his resilience, experience and empathy. Thanks to the Medic team who infused enough of care, affection and confidence into her.Privacy Air view Del Ambu 2 Del Ambu 4

😖Cheapness prevails- Air Ambulance services

This was the reason for me starting the ISAPL:
“Poonam Jain, a former Diplomatic mission employee for 20+ years, was consumed by the idea of bringing in a compelling change in the Medical Emergency response sector that suggested her to leave her glass-ceiling cushy job and be the first lady entrepreneur. To her astonishment, she found there are no transparency and ethics in this industry and a medical emergency is ‘milked’. Country doesn’t have any guidelines or control mechanism. It was a completely un-organised industry, if we call it so.”

And here is a visible bad news:

🤔Delhi-based firm running air ambulance service dupes six of Rs 41 lakh😢

Just imagine the plight of those patients who were left high-dry-traumatized-cheated-???

Few reasons I could gather:

  1. There are no guidelines for Air Ambulance operators.
  2. The market is ofcourse replete with ‘companies’ who have very high budget for PPC / Google Ad Words/ Digital Marketing. Search for ‘Air Ambulance’ and you will know…..
  3. Indian clients look for the ‘cheapest’ Air Ambulance.
  4. Most transactions happen in quick ‘Cash’. And lots of ‘commissions / referrals’ to the mediators.
  5. Compounders impersonate a Doctor on an Air Ambulance
  6. Individuals are running the Air Ambulance co, with just a security guard
  7. India in itself doesn’t generate institutional business of Air Ambulance. The patient transfer by Air is very sheepishly ‘controlled’ by the Admin of hospitals. In few cases, the head of hospital’s Emergency department has side business of Air Ambulance Transfers.

ISAPL is pretty happy serving small, global institutional business; ethically.
(I am currently at New Zealand, overseeing an Air Transfer of a Psychic patient.  It is good to audit my own business.)

Air Ambulance

Air Evacuation and other options

A person in distress is an emotional event. The Medical Emergency is of exigency. There are many facets to the support required. The relatives expect emotional support. The person needs timely medical attention. While the concerns of the family and friends are important, the professional prefer to focus on the patient. Air Ambulance is an option.

The Medical Evacuation needs to be arranged with the lightening speed. At times, the access to patient is difficult due to terrain, weather or geopolitical constraints. And thus speed and swiftness has increased significance. The patient condition warrants split-second Medical movements. Over the years, the Road ambulance and road accessibility has improved significantly. Nowadays, evacuation thru Road is far more convenient and safe. Although, it takes longer, but the time is utilized by the medical escort team perform small tests and also provide temporary medication to the distressed. So now the Road Ambulance is a turning into a steady, economical and dependable method. (more…)