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Air Ambulance

Air Evacuation and other options

A person in distress is an emotional event. The Medical Emergency is of exigency. There are many facets to the support required. The relatives expect emotional support. The person needs timely medical attention. While the concerns of the family and friends are important, the professional prefer to focus on the patient. Air Ambulance is an option.

The Medical Evacuation needs to be arranged with the lightening speed. At times, the access to patient is difficult due to terrain, weather or geopolitical constraints. And thus speed and swiftness has increased significance. The patient condition warrants split-second Medical movements. Over the years, the Road ambulance and road accessibility has improved significantly. Nowadays, evacuation thru Road is far more convenient and safe. Although, it takes longer, but the time is utilized by the medical escort team perform small tests and also provide temporary medication to the distressed. So now the Road Ambulance is a turning into a steady, economical and dependable method.

Advent of Air Ambulance in Eastern world

Like their western counterparts the Air Evacuation is picking fast in Asian countries.

The key benefits of Air evacuation is speedy access to tricky terrains. The medical institutions and para-med have also evolved in their evacuation attentiveness. The Medical Emergency kit is more practical and concise. The Air Ambulance carries the usual medical equipment like ECG and monitors, ventilators, medication and stretchers. So now, patients can receive preliminary treatment while they are being sent away to the appropriate medical facility.
Many governments have their standards for Medical Evacuation for both Road and Air Ambulance that applies to various stakeholders, processes, equipment and devices.

Air Ambulance Selection

The concern is that Air ambulance operations require special experience in safety and the capability of the pilot in flying emergency flights. Few countries have exceptional Medical Evacuation system, operated by the Federal. But, most have a set of private service providers. Over the last decade, a lot of professional Air-Ambulance services have appeared on the arena. Many a times, the business air charters are ‘rented’ for Medical Evacuation. For Air Ambulance, although the commercial Charter Aircraft are available, but equipping those with Life support facilities and crew credibility is a job in itself. The air ambulance selection should be based upon the terrain and timing. In exigencies and protected areas it is regulatory requirement for to Air Ambulance to be licensed. The Choppers Air Ambulance are real swift and have deeper reach, with the limitations on the air pressure, ambient noise, space, and physical stability. The selection of crew on Air Ambulance needs to be based upon the experience, insurance, authorization, dependability and language expertise. Only experienced medical team can handle traumatized patient during medical evacuation. During medical evacuation, the medical staff selection on Air Ambulance is specific to the patient condition, prognosis, medical policy, Doctor’s advice, Patient history and family preferences.

A good Medical Evacuation service provider must have experts who have handled geographically and medically versatile cases. A seamless arrangement with the state and medical facilities is critical.

The terminal point of medical evacuation is decided by the medical team to ensure relevant specialty of the medical facilities…


It is conclusive that the preferred mode of Medical evacuation is Air Ambulance, but only experienced hands can decide the most favorable mode and timing of an evacuation.

Our Director Poonam Jain has even helped the crash victims of the Air Ambulance crash in 2011.